Words only hurt to the bone

I've been learning lately that what I have to say sometimes comes out harsh and a bit sheen on negative presence; even when I try not to have such an experience between myself and the other party.

I had a long conversation with my roommate about this and took a moment to myself later to reflect on my behavior prior to our debate. I felt that I was being wrongly done but not realizing that I was actually doing something far more intense than I ever did to anyone. I belittled my best friend. Something I swear never to do if I can even just fathom the thought of not doing so.

It's not just me though; I've bumped into harshness through other means and it's a rough patch trying to avoid confrontation. Leo's are never good with confrontation and we absolutely despise it. 

I'm supposed to be a forgiving sign because this is what astrology states about my sign but in the least; I've never truly seen this act of kindness really become a full expression for many people. We waste our lives away with petty arguments, dramatic woes, and never realize that we are in fact taking life for granted. What if it were down to just you and that other person and all there was, was a conversation to be had that potentially stemmed (even the slightest bit) a spark of forgiveness between two consenting individuals?

Would you take it? Would you wait until their death to realize that you took time for granted and that your forgiveness is essentially what can set your soul free but you decided never to let go?

This is a bit of what I learned the other night. I learned in myself that I'd rather forgive someone countless times and have a few flaws, then to live life knowing that I never tried to better the situation involving this emotion. I'd rather know on my death bed that I did something positive in my life than to have resisted the chance to repair not just the other party; but...myself

So to all of the people out there today who hold grudges (big or small) and to those out there who take life for granted everyday (knowing they could die at any given minute) - Live unconditionally. Love unconditionally. Speak unconditionally. 

You just never know how much hurt can be repaired if you don't buck up to the pressure and find the source of your forgiveness. Forgiveness inhibits love. Love inhibits freedom. Go find it.


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