Two posts ago

Marked my 300th post! :)

While I never had an intent on goals in terms of the amount of posts I would celebrate for; I have reason to celebrate this number. It's the most posting I've ever done over the span of a couple years. See, I used to only post maybe once every 5-15 days and sometimes I would wait months and months before returning. This is a very nice accomplishment!

To celebrate; I will be having a very delicious treat and possibly gather myself a nice iced coffee on my way back to my place today. In case some of you were wondering; yes I've moved but it's not to say it's forever, I just felt it was time to free the flock and make ends meet else where.

PS: I don't like weddings. I'm wearing beautiful nails and makeup; if someone is unaccepting of my beauty; please...just leave it be ;) no time to be unhappy babyy <3

I love you all <3


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