Rarely do this but I had to

So today, I got a little bit bored and started browsing the Android Market for a walkie talkie app since it was brought to my attention last night through my friend Kevin that you can do it on Android phones.

It's called Blip.me :)

The app is only half the story however. I got up with a close friend from school and found out that she's a Leo herself! Small world; we're both Leo's and we were never able to part...never fought over anything either...guess two Leo's together can work given the standing between each other :)

Regardless, I'm having a blast catching up on things and gawking over our celeb crushes (mine is Hugh Jackman; her's is Pitbull)

Ah...I love my life...you just never know how good it gets unless you stick around...so to those who want to give up; DON'T...it's worth the wait...believe me; I am proud to have waited...I'm finally getting what I want in life and happiness is only a small percent of the greatness that's before me lately :)

Well, gots to go boosky's ;)

Muah muah <3


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