My give a damn is busted

Last night, I got stood up by a guy that I had a lot of feelings for. We had been talking for awhile and well; one time is all it takes for me to realize that you don't want to pursue something stronger. As this was happening; I had a night full of drinking; and an italian guy who not only was talking over me but treated me like I was an object the entire time.

I felt alone, I felt like my spirit was about to be stolen from me but I woke up this morning and played a song from my playlist; God picked just the right song to lift me up and get me smiling again. See, you can stand me up all you want; disrespect me all you want; hate on me all you want but my spirit will still be strong in the morning. Today is gonna be different. I'm not gonna let this guy hurt me. I'm gonna pick myself up and get to living and loving my life baby!

Here's the song I heard; I'm not big on country but this song is lyrically on point with some of the emotions I felt last night. The key line of the song "my give a damn's busted" is what hits those places that say; I'm beautiful and I don't deserve to feel like nothing to someone I put faith into. Keep on keepin' on everyone. Don't let your spirit fall; you are amazing!


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