Map it baby ;)

So I recently spoke to a friend of mine who lives in Bedfordshire UK. We've been great friends for a long time now and well, he sent me his address so I could see where he lives. I looked on Google Maps for about 15-20 minutes admiring the common view.

It was much like how we live here. I didn't see much difference other than the design of the cars that sat on the roads and in the drive way. It was refreshing to know that it isn't that much of a shock to live there. It's no different than any other place.

It's like my conversation with a polish girl at my school the other day; her name is Dee Dee (not too sure about the spelling) but she told me that in Poland; it's not that much different from here either. They have different languages of course but other than that; the people; the lifestyle; scenery is for the most part the same.

I can't help but be happy in knowing this because I will be honest; I was fearful of ever visiting at one point considering how much of a cultural change it could be for me but I hope that someday I'll see some of these places that I've mapped. I hope to walk down the road and bump into someone I knew from afar or maybe spot someone I admired once in a dream. Ah, the possibilities.


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