If you're hating me; do it honestly

I'm going to make my blog more private soon. So if you want to stay (because you love me like that) - please don't remove yourself from the list. Otherwise; do your thing.

I don't judge most people if I can help it, so please don't judge me. I'm tired of it. Judge me based on my writings and what I feel but at the end of the day; I'm honest and I believe honesty sets one free. Nice or not; I'm human and so are you. Let's be kind; shall we?

I've had some time to grow as a person since the last time I had a falling out with someone. Yes; we're talking about the terrible awful herself but regardless of such; my judgments are no longer valid in the notion that I don't pay that any mind anymore. I'm a different person than I used to be.

I guess music has had a major role in that; gearing up in school and working on assignments. I've managed to help my friend Charlie with a few of his computer class assignments and he's passed them all. I need a GED for something I can already ace? yeah; right. I still concur however.

Regardless of repeating patterns; this bird has flown. I want to thank the people that have hated on me though; if it wasn't for you...I would have never got back in school...learned what good I really am...known that I am beautiful as I am...and that I don't deserve to be treated wrongly; no one should ever be done in such ways.

No longer will I dwell on the past either. I've been tired for years because of it. I can't do that to myself anymore. It's not fair to my future self. I want better. I will have better.


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