Happy "Love Yourself" Day

So while all of your friends are out showing off their crazy boyfriends and dramatic woes. Sit back and relax in the ambiance of who you are. Embrace the changes, the thoughts, the dreams of you. It's all about you today and forget what everyone else is thinking. See, boyfriends are not forever but YOU are forever. You can never part ways with yourself and that's where "Love Yourself" day is from. It's the one remixed day of the year when you can truly pamper and spoil yourself.

Needing a man is like needing a cigarette; girl...put that thing out and get with the flavor...cause while he's out with his boys like he normally does or sucking face with his "one and only"...you could be dine for two on a luxury of Godiva chocolates (just for you) and a relaxed comedic movie; your choice and all drinks will be on the house ;)

Who ever says that love is what Valentines is about is surely not looking at the true picture. It was mostly about the cards. Yes, the cards are what started it all but you don't have to fret over those. Today is your moment to relax, get settled, and enjoy a smooth breeze of calming tones and melodies and a true look at yourself from a positive perspective. Love is all you need; a man is just temporary baby.


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