Happiness is an affirmation away

So recently I was bombarded with a little encounter. I met a guy who was a friend of my roommate. He seems cool; he's a Taurus; and he's...Italian

Not sure how this would ever possibly work considering my experience with this before but hopefully some good will come of it.

Chris (the one I know from school) apparently was trying to reach me but when I finally reached out to him; he was almost incoherent to my call. I don't know if he wants to pursue me or not but I'm not waiting around for some guy who can't figure out what he wants in life. I know what I want; please...know what you want

Spending a lovely weekend with my family. It's been awhile since I've had quality time here at home with my mom, dad, and the whole gang :)

I've missed them so much and it will do me well to be here for the entire weekend rather than just a couple hours at a time.

Things are looking up finally. I got what I wanted on Valentine's Day; the experience of finally loving myself more and while I'm not completely there yet; I know that I truly have love for myself this time. Even when I look a little less; I feel amazing. I'm smiling for no reason lately; I feel a glow on my skin; I feel like I'm finally happy. Like I have a life without even having to fight for it. Things are just....better :) much much much better :)

Regardless of people's idea of me; I will carry on because I know that I'm a beautiful; amazing person with a lot to offer. I have a lot of talents; a lot of great qualities; and I'm a fun person to be around. Anyone that can't see that isn't able to get past their own judgments and I say to them; love yourself more and then you'll see the rest in front of you when it's ready.

I love you all <3


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