UPDATED: Got a new blog

So I've decided to expand my horizons and start a new blog. It's a private and personal blog where I can rant and say what I want to really say but without the added bonus of getting cursed out by someone over how I feel.

I'm debating on posting here still or if maybe I should make it public again, since the new blog will be where this blog can't be taken. I don't really understand the concept of making me feel like crap all the time; following and unfollowing me like someone who just lost their cool but beyond that; this is a decision that I've had time to think over and it's time to start back at one again.

I thought that this would be a great way of privacy but I neglected to remember I can have it all if I want to. I can have my public blog and a private blog which I will use as a personal diary.

While love is beautiful; rubbing it in someone's face isn't and remember to all you love birds out there; consider your single friends when they're down. You know you wouldn't want to be left out of the bubble if it came down to just you. I forgot to mention this little bit in the last post earlier but it's fair for me to point that out considering a lot of bitter souls are walking around tonight; sad...lonely...and wishing they had what some of those smiling faces had

Well, time for me to go. This bitch is tired and I'll be damned if some guy is going to fuck that up. I need my beauty sleep and well; this beauty isn't for you...it's all for me baby ;)



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