So I put it off long enough but I finally grabbed a copy of her 21 album. I love it so far. Her new single "Set Fire to the Rain" is beautiful to me. I can't stop singing along to it. I can't help that I feel her music because a lot of it is reminiscent of how I feel or how I've felt in the past. So much art in her music and so much emotion. You can truly feel her soul put in it and I admire her greatly for that. I'm no longer a Taurus hater and I find myself talking to more of them these days.

It's good to find the positives in their sign. There are some really sweet and great people out there and some are Taurus'. For so long I was so hurt that I rebelled against anything to do with their sign because I felt like it was the sign; not the person I was attached to for too long. I'm happy for you and I hope that you have an amazing future; I know I will eventually because I've learned the hard way that you either have someone by your side or you get to have yourself and you know what? It's a great thing either way.

I'm learning more about myself now than I ever was before I turned 22. Having a friend that is honest and tells me the reality as he sees it; well, it's absolutely helpful in the process of me letting up the things I've been through and deciding for myself that I have what it takes to make something special out of this life I've been given. I'm pessimistic; optimistic; and just plain crazy. I change too much and I jump emotions like it's a movie sometimes but I know where my heart lies and it's where it should be at this point. I know that I will get what I want eventually. I'll get that amazing love life and a great career; I just have to find me for a change instead of trying to find this amazing man. Love is a beautiful thing but right now; it's not ready for me and I'm not ready for it.


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