Paper and ink
That's all I see
Your selfish manner
Never could think

Hungry mouths need to be fed
Harm needs to go unwed
Dreams are still vital if you try
You're the devil in my eyes

Designer shoes
Fancy clothes
Top notch lover
Dancing ghost

Paper and ink
That's all I see
Your violent spending
It penetrates deep
Never could consider
Hands could bleed

While your in your 600 thread
Warm beneath
Cushioned head
Remember the shit you've caused
While your beloved is running off
As if it were sore like a storm
I'll never be there to warn
Cause that door was closed long before

So keep your "I'm right; you're wrong"
And someday I might just sing you a song
Cause if words could stab you in the eye
I'd tell it a thousand times
Your as empty as the desert's cracks
Your blood is black; like the pen that I write with you back
It sucks but I hope you cry; sometimes I wish I'd die
But in the end your just a tear; another bullshit offer of a man I fear


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