Refresh my memory

So last night Charlie helped me with some of my math. I haven't done math in ages so it felt nice to be refreshed with such knowledge. I can't believe I forgot even some of the basics but already; it's getting to a great start.

Charlie is setting up for business management because he wants to open his own restuarant someday. I'm already making my goal to first get the GED and then take classes in performing arts and music appreciation. Hopefully at the time I'll score an on-campus job and then save back enough money to get me to the big city where I can really let my spotlight shine.

There is a lot of work ahead and I don't expect it to be an easy road I'm taking but I'm super excited. Can't deny it that this is my only ticket to fame and happiness. I'm gonna do something in life and I know it will be amazing no matter what I end up doing at the end of it all. If I have my way though; it will be my dream.

Well, sleep awaits and reality can't keep up with these droopy eyes. Time to regulate ;)



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