Make up your mind

Either you're on my side or you're opposite. Last night apparently had a lot of interesting details that I didn't even know happened. Apparently; I slept with the one person I can't stand hardly; and.......a girl

Yes, a fucking girl. My queer ears are stunned at this very image. I got into a fist fight with Matty because I felt like I was being attacked (everyone agreed I did what I should have to defend myself) but I still feel bad knowing now that I did this or the fact that I couldn't handle myself more maturely than I did. Words were exchanged and next thing I knew I was on the bathroom floor having a heart to heart with Sidney; the girl. I also sent two drunken texts to two douchebags (guys I can't bare to deal with) that in return treated me like an ill aquaintance. I said quite a few funny things too; I told Matty her penis was deformed and it made Charlie laugh. Charlie tells me I was quite a great entertainment last night; very comical. So I can rest my head knowing I brought a little joy to my friends at least.

I have a new ring on my hand. One of which I've never seen before nor have had any knowledge of being placed upon my finger. For what reason it's there is beyond me but hopefully I didn't get married or something; that would be tragic. Can you imagine me married? I sure can't.

I'm so hungover right now though and I need to take today as a day of clarity and renewal. I got every bit of my thought out last night with Matty. I told her how I felt and how she has made me feel. I felt like a second class to her for so long so it was only a matter of time that I would go crazy and start beating on her. My actions don't constitute for anything right though but I stand my ground. I'm proud of myself in the notion that I finally stood up for myself. A hard thing for a Leo to do sometimes given all the pride and what not.


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