A great day is a step away

I enrolled back into school today. I've got a hefty goal but one I believe I'll reach. Today I took my TABE (placement) test and had a startling good outcome. I'm horrible at Math and I didn't think I would do good at all. Charlie sat down with me last night and taught me how to multiply and divide; two basic functions that I never truly learned because of bullying.

I was so happy to find that I almost scored a perfect 100 on my Applied Math section but I second guessed the last question and ended up not getting the 100. The good thing is though; it won't take long for me to get busy on busting into some education.

While Charlie was on his cigarette break between classes; we discussed a few things and then went to the store on campus to get a few materials for me. He got me a GED preparation book; 4GB flash drive, two pens, and a pack of index cards to use for my flash cards.

I have to admit; going in before I wasn't ready to do this but now; now more than ever; I'm ready. I'm confident in myself like I've never been and I feel so liberated to have got back to school. I missed it. I love to do something I didn't know of and see myself succeed at it. It's rewarding when you think of all the times you failed and to see that you finally got that pattern botched enough to score well.

I'm certain at this point that getting my GED will be a lot more satisfying than if I had done it before. Here are my goals so far...

1. Get my GED diploma during the Spring semester

2. Enroll in classes in the Fall semester (Music and Computer Tech)

3. Look for jobs and apply again for them


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