30 Goals of 2012

1. Put a lock on your heart and throw the key in a burning stove.

2. Go back to school and get your education on.

3. Tell a guy to fuck a dog when your over him.

4. Order a pizza from a Guido.

5. Talk to the voices in your head about their issues.

6. Make out with an Irish guy on St. Patrick's Day just to try and gain luck.

7. Get a job at a porn shop.

8. Burn a photo of someone you want to remember.

9. Paint a picture of someone you don't want to remember.

10. Dance like a fag hag and then blame it on the alcohol.

11. Wear too much chap stick and eye liner.

12. Beat something up after not beating it up.

13. Pierce something.

14. Open a door to a public bathroom and yell "Gonorrhea"

15. Wear too many sweaters and not enough pants.

16. Pretend to know about something you know nothing about.

17. Lose something on purpose and then pretend it never happened.

18. Drink a Penis Colada (drink).

19. Pop it like it's hot outside of IHOP.

20. Go to a club and pretend you're famous in another country because secretly no one would Google you and you want them to.

21. Dress as a smurf and cuss out someone in Dutch just to see their reaction. Then post a video of it to YouTube. (Must perform dance ensemble and sing "La la la, la la la la")

22. Tie a phone to your hip and say you have an addiction to hexting too much (all while wear nothing but black).

23. Post the most embarrassing picture you can find of one friend to your blog or Facebook profile.

24. Pretend someone doesn't exist just to piss them off but make up for it later with a complimentary handshake and two coupons.

25. Fake an orgasm.

26. Blow up condoms and use them as party favors at your next birthday party to embarrass your friend.

27. Say something dirty to a preacher.

28. Cut something.

29. Organize your porn collection.

30. Tell your fat to fuck off.

**All of these were ideas I came up with for 2012 goals. Go ahead; use them**


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