Finally learning

Today was great.

I scored so well on my math lessons. I started working with a new program called SkillsTutor on the computer at school and I have to say; best choice I've made all year so far. The lessons are detailed the way I like it and I'm actually learning.

Things are looking pretty bright so far. I got a lot of 100's and 90 somethings today. The teacher is really kind to me; she's very helpful and she's been teaching me how to do my basic math that I've had such a hard time with.

I felt so stupid for such a long time because everyone else could multiply and divide and I was stuck wishing I knew how to do it but now I feel much better considering that I've done well in my learning. I'm making such progress and I am fucking proud of it!

Thank you Coastal and Thank you Mrs. Morton for your help. I'll have that GED in no time!


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