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Merry Christmas!

If you're crazy...

Sad sad day

You know...

Song of joyful loving...

Skies Over Me

Clever Faces


It's in the air

First drink in a while...

Those pretty boys

Dear cold

Mind racing & overthought

Finally got my keyboard case

Agenda crash

If I did it like California


Upstate, up tight...

Rewrite history (lyrics to a song I'm writing)

On Love

I love me some Etta James

A little chewing gum

If I'm ever in Norway...



Okay look...

British people love me

A bag of chips, a movie, and life

Goofing around... ;)

Toys for my boys

Why I like Norwegian Singers

Lana Del Rey

What's this showing up?

Single because

Heads up (UPDATED)

Rating system

R.I.P Dear Candle clan

Can you get freckles there?

Power seeker

Fucking your bubble up

For a limited time


Stairway of Ghosts (lyrics)

Free love

Grunge it

10 Beauty Mistakes You're Probably Making

Love this song :)

German love

Co-workers do care

Signs of a business peep

Gray (lyrics)


500GB of birthday coming up!

It's my birthday everyday

On the hunt

Geared up

That age of 23

Compare internationally

Madisons (lyrics)


Only my father

It started

It's all in the family


Random lyrics

The worst sickness ever

Workers diet

Can you believe it...

brainwaves: Let's Talk Miles Here.

It's 3:34am and...

I call it a sign of high class

Yay porn!

AutoRap on the Google Play store

Soon I'll be tipping my glass

Do you wanna?

Old fashioned

Well that went downhill

Where dreams come true

Who's that girl

I love British movies

New photo blog


I have a right

The only Courtney Love album...

A beautiful song unheard

In honor of...

I love it when...

My favorite place

After 3 months...I finally got it!

My favorite song from the Torches album

Future goals

Let it rain...

Take professional photographs with Galaxy Nexus

We may have differences but...

Coffee or no Coffee?

How you know your working hard enough

To go with a new look soon

Bullying at the workplace

The British are coming

Jelly bean, oh jelly bean

New Shiny Toy Guns single debut today!

Best album lately


Fifty shades of grey