July 31, 2011

In the future

Insulting a Google+ user will go something like this:

Beau: I hate you.

Jamie Go plus yourself noob face!

It's simple really, people will resort to using Google terms in fights while Facebook will still be learning how to implement group video chat.

July 30, 2011

Might as well reveal it (UPDATED)

Since I already know what I got myself for my birthday this year on eBay. I wanted something that would last. What better option than to get a couple of stylish things I like?

Boho shirt

Stop necklace

Tibetan bracelet

Saber gray boots

Samson  Q2U Recording USB/XLR Microphone & Headphones

I figured I would show what I decided to get mainly because some people wanted to know what my style is going to be like soon. Keep in mind the shirt won't blend well the the red necklace; so it's not going to be worn with it but rather the bracelet will compliment it for now. I plan to build my personal collection of jewelry and boho chic styled apparel soon. I find it suits me well.

Wise words

If you can't handle me at my worst, you don't deserve me at my best.

Update: This has nothing to do with you (you know who you are)

July 29, 2011

To break the glass of decency

I give, this:

Join me on Google+

Some of you know my love for Google goes beyond web apps and e-mail. It starts from the first day I started using Google's search engine. It was late 1999 and I started to get to know Google for the first time. It was simple, fast, and brought more relevant results.

Yahoo! used to be the star but it lost when it gave up on itself. Take a look at their web messenger for example; damn page hasn't been updated since 2007.

Anyway, I bestow unto you my greatest gift of tidings. My Google+ link. It's my home. The only place I post most besides this blog. I don't even hardly use my Twitter anymore because I love it so much. It's truly a great place and anyone who doesn't join; you may just miss me someday.

Join me: Google+

UPDATE: Join me on Google+ via the link at the very top of this blog!

Great cover

Anberlin; a personal favorite from my teen years does a great cover of Depeche Mode's song Enjoy The Silence and I'm just in love with it.

July 27, 2011

Google has a point about e-mail

It's very true. Most providers are out of date and lack modern functionality. 

That's why I use Gmail. With Gmail I can call and receive calls from friends and family. I can instant message, post status updates to my Buzz account, group chat, video chat, and audio chat.

Can your e-mail do that?

Take a look at the following promo video below. Let's get e-mail back to the way it was meant to be; fun and useful and not full of bloated "apps" that are from places you don't use.

July 26, 2011

People have small hearts

Or at least this one would conclude it valid. I only had one offer to help collaborate on my track and yet my track base was listened to 18 times and downloaded 2 times.

I made it clear that my next track will take time given the nature of what I'm trying to accomplish with it but I fear it may not start for an even longer span of time. I must call upon fellow producers for help because my equipment is dead.

The other day, the equipment I used gave up on me and since that has been the case; I've been relying upon fellow producers to help me form the rest of the song. It's not something I'm taking lightly and it's sad to see that so little are in support of it given the factor that I'm dedicating it to Norway.

Call me dumb but once upon a time, people did kind things for each other. People weren't snobbish and keeping secret with music; they spread collaboration because with one talent; another one combined could form a multi-vortex of possibilities.

I know that I'm not the best vocalist out there and I know I have a lot to work on but giving me a chance is worth it because I will try to do my part to make it work and if it isn't working; I'll gladly give you your work material back and start from the ground up again.

It just saddens me that so many out there claim to care about people and in my gesture to seek out those who want to join me; NONE of you are taking the initiative to give a damn.

People died. People lost loved ones and children that day. Have you no heart?

I could rant on and on about how much it affects me that this happened (I have friends in Norway and well, I quite respect their liberalism. It inspires me)

But the fact of the matter is, I can't control what people like or do. So what; you don't like me or you think I'm talentless or your thinking I'll never make something of myself simply because of your narrow mind. I'll someday show that with heart; we can do something better.

While I am upset by this ordeal, I'm inspired to act out more to try and gain someones approval. The truth is; I don't need the approval, I just need the chance.

So this week, instead of waiting on the art of DJ's and uninterested blokes; I'm seeking out my prior producer. If anything, at least I know that his heart will be in the right place and that his contribution will mean something because he CARES.

& people wonder why I am on and off with music. It's because people lack heart these days. Why can't we go back to the times when artists played together (even for fun) and made music without caring if it was going to sell or caring if it was going to make an impact. They just did it to be nice and to have fun.

Is it so hard to not be a total asshole? Gees.

July 25, 2011

Setting an unrealistic goal

Many people have dared to say that my goals are unrealistic and naive but I beg to differ. I want to follow my dream; not lose it.

Today I was sitting in my living room as it was silent as usual. I instantly felt the urge to cut up an empty soda bottle (after washing it of course) and putting every bit of change I could find into it.

I know that it will take me years to get it built up but I want to start now so that in that time when it's enough; I can finally visit the land I have wanted to visit since I was a lot younger. I want to see what life is like their, smell the smell of liberalism, and enjoy the amazement of seeing foreign art and faces I've never knew of before.

I suspect by the time I am in Europe; I will be 25 or a little bit older. After 28; I won't be able to make it because my passport (which I never got to use) will expire then. Until I can use it before it expires; it will remain useless as it has since I first got it.

Today is one of those slow days where I'm waiting for something great to happen; whether it be a conversation or a movie is shown that I didn't know of prior.

I was nearly scared earlier over the fact that I didn't know some man was going to climb a latter and walk (or whatever he was doing) on top of my house. I panicked and the first thing I did was close my laptop; run to the door and made sure it was locked down completely. If it had been an intruder; I would have done the same but then I would have hid somewhere given the fact that our front door is our only exit.

It's always liberating to finally get a point you need to accept. So, sadly I've allowed it to take me in. I know that I don't know the future and I never will. I know that I may not have what I wanted but I will survive regardless and I know that though I've lost a part of what I craved; I'll move on...eventually

The problem is it's never easy being able to know what your getting yourself into. One minute it is amazing; the next minute a reality strikes that you have too much to do before you can get what your wanting. It's like an offense is on your record and you have to work for the rest of your life to get rid of that offense just to get the freedom you crave to have. It's sad and it's annoying but I suppose it's better than having nothing.

Contrary to the fact, I'll find something good and when I do. I'll forget I ever felt the pain that I have felt for some time now.

Either way, I must go for now. It's getting a little warm in my house and I'm getting sleepy from it. Sleep time again?

Ciao ciao.

July 16, 2011

Worry, worry, worry

So apparently we could lose the ability to drive considering that our insurance company surprised my dad with a renewal fee that he can't pay. $70 every six months? Plus the insurance fee for the prior month he just paid.

Food wise, we're barely able to make ends meet. Seems that his paycheck isn't enough to cover anything hardly. Just lost our phone today because he's down to $60 for the month; no TV (not complaining about that because it's not me who cares for it to be honest) and then our internet bill is coming up.

I keep saying it time and time again in my head. I feel like I might have to resort to doing things I got out of before; just to help out. Problem is; I can't afford the trouble of it and living here where I can't do it because I live in a cop filled neighborhood makes it even harder to think of ways to help make it easier on us. I just hope that these Beverly Hills people are thankful of all those nice luxuries they have while my dad is working his ass off and getting nothing in return but more bills from corporate companies that don't give a damn about anyone but themselves.

It's enough to make me go insane. I wake up every day wondering if today is the day that everything will crash down and we won't be able to make it even barely. It's seriously harder than ever to live in a shit country full of political greedy bastards who keep making money off of us who live like we're in a third world country almost.

Sure, we have a home, internet, and a place to sleep, but that doesn't mean we're not suffering. It just means we haven't figured out the key to making the 'poor' thing work for us like others have.

What do you do in these situations? I don't like asking for help but sometimes I wonder if I should. Sometimes I wish I could get in the car and find the local food bank and try to at least enroll even though my family is in "set ways" that they believe it could never happen and I believe it is possible if you TRY.

The only question I have right now about this is; what's going to happen next? we're so below the chain that it's unreal as to how we may ever get out of this mess. It's been like this for a few years now and I know the truth is; it will get worse. Oh well I suppose, such is life and well, it's better off here than living in a box on an alley way. I just don't know how to get through this other than to think of what possibilities (so less) that may be available. Not much we can do now.

If the insurance renewal can't be paid soon, my dad risks getting fined and if we can't pay that, we could end up losing our car, then my dad could lose his job, I could end up never getting to school, and then our life will turn into a complete mess. Sometimes I wonder what I'm going to school for considering that in THIS economy; there isn't even any hope for those WITH credentials but I suppose; I'll keep's all I can do

So maybe there are gay people like me

I stumbled upon a awesome indie film which is titled Fat Girls and it actually seems more like the type of gay that I see myself as. I know, labels are dumb but let's be honest, everyone ends up having one anyway, so why not figure out where you are? I love this movie and I love it so much that I'm posting it here on my blog for you all to watch.

Please note; this movie is powered by advertising so be sure to close the windows that open up. Enjoy the movie :)

July 15, 2011

I hate cliche movies

Tonight I was reminded why I don't watch gay films. I rather fancy the realism that a workout body, super flamboyant persona, and manly clothing isn't as common as they make it seem.

You never see many people like myself who are more on the alternative side of fashion. Wearing whatever feels comfortable; not worrying about trips to some stupid gym, and gawking at guys that look like GQ models vs. the ones that look NORMAL on the outside and not like they belong in porn.

It's fine for some people but I highly doubt that I see myself with a porn looking dumb dumb who thinks that stereotypes are the thing to achieve. Almost every gay movie I've seen has nothing but men that look like they are 'too good to be true' or 'porn savy' because they look like something that my world has yet to prove. There isn't abs on the entire planet and not every gay man looks like they could model for GQ and Falcon.

My point being is that if I'm going to date ever again; I want a guy that isn't raised to be a picture perfect example. I want flaws. I want a little bit of out of shapeness. I want to look at them and see a little bit of myself in them.

Anyway, guess this is something to wish for but since when is it so prominent that looking like a model all the time is important? How come there isn't any films so far in the gay genre that indicate us normal build folks out there? Isn't there room for us in your stereotypical drama infused planet of erotica and endless dating?

I don't want to spend my life looking for the match; I want to spend it lighting it up instead.

Daria always was my favorite; when MTV didn't suck so much

Mazzy Star anyone?

Every now and again, I post a mobile blog. Just to show that I went mobile for a minute or two. It doesn't have a title, just inviting words that echo of touchscreens and apps from an app store. No, I'm of course not on a phone. It's called Google Voice. Go snatch you one ;)

Sometimes you forget what your fighting for

I dream sometimes of going back to love that I once had or spending my younger years by my friends whom would later be in higher places than I.

It was always a passion of mine to be someone else, if only for a day. To mean something other than a name and few written words, or a night with a passionate mister who had better things to do an hour later while I quietly left and went to sleep alone.

Sometimes you can't keep things. You can't lock those wants in a box and hope that they will all still be there the moment you want to entice yourself with one; it's not fair to the surprises that still float about in the air.

Unlike my counterparts, I'm not one to date. I never really have been. So how does one balance the thought of ever finding this thing that people rejoice about? How does one compete with blonde hair, blue eyes, and a beautiful smile that could strike lightening at opponents? How do these lips convey speech that was never produced by an automatic need to have something other than I?

Still it taunts me. The very thought of me ever marrying someone is terrifying because I know that I won't do it given the nature of my raising but still I dream of a time when I can do it and have what all the fairytale jokes had. An everlasting relationship that doesn't result in casual sex behind my back and false positives.

No I'm not referring to some kind of monstrous analogy here or trying to build up a net full of "what if" and "why" questions. I'm simply putting what I thought on digital paper.

Soon a good friend will be gone for a few years and I already promised that I would try to write to him as much as I can given the fact that he will be away for quite a period of time; by the time he is free to live again; I'll be closer to 30 than I would ever want to be.

It's always a 'body' thing though that stops me from fully connecting with someone, from fully devoting it all to that moment when if I had to lose it all; I could.

While I move on from my past; it's the past that taught me not to be completely naked or to rely on something that can't last unless it involves abs, perfect skin, the scent of musk, and hair on my body that triggers the wave that if I ever try to be humanly unmanly; I simply cannot have.

I've always battled with the ordeal that my girly side is what kept me from things. Whether it be a job, a boyfriend, a friend, or even an invitation. Yes, I recall being banned from a church once because a 'so-called' friend felt that my attitude wasn't acceptable and yet I did all I knew to do; I wasn't even wearing lipstick at the time or eyeliner, or mascara. I was naked from myself and vulnerable.

Yet something inside me says that if anyone can't accept that I am far fetched of what a human being can relate; then they can poorly disconnect themselves and find a new connection with someone who cares to become the joke of all their demise.

Really, a judgmental one is a cowardly one because they can't see the beauty of what changes really are; they are merely facts of evolving into something new; something inviting and unique.

Still I resemble such days as my mirror was sitting by my bed, my dark heavy eyeliner and black nails and screeching hairstyle awaited a few fights with the father and a time at school when I was more of an outcast than carrot top himself.

I spent many after school hours going to remote places where I never been before. A park, a swing set, a road with no end. I used to dream of being acceptable in a place full of losers. I used to wonder what it would be like to wake up and just be beautiful like I had seen in so many faces at school. It's like they could be popular because they looked like they came from a wealthy history of beauty tips and strong style sense while I sit with my fellow outcast friends and even in their circle felt like the weirdo, or the loser that couldn't achieve.

It's those moments in life that beg you crucial changes. I don't want to bring a child into bitterness and ill moral behavior. I want my future children to know what being free really means. It doesn't mean sleeping with the entire school or cheating on your tests or making out with so and so to get an invite to prom. I never got to go to prom and I'm sure that I wouldn't of been allowed in anyway given the fact that I live in bible belt city where if your gay; they push you away.

I have read of gay couples getting denied the right to dance with their partner at a prom event simply because the school felt it was immoral and out of context to what their uneducated textbooks taught. Your textbooks don't match up to real life and I'm the first to tell you that.

Still, I'm not sure if I would have went to prom. No one was ever interested in me enough to even bother talking about it much less even dream of taking my gothic ass to a place where the preps always had the time of their life. Aside from there b.s. Gossip Girl type drama.

People often times asked why I didn't hangout with fellow gays in my school. Simply put, I had a few rules. Don't talk to someone who can't keep their self in check, avoid contact when possible as not to result in bitchy arguments or sex that won't really make any difference anyway and lastly, I didn't want to get more crap from people for actually proving to myself that I had ONE thing in common with the slut faces of my school.

While all the other gays (what little their were) were out smoking pot, getting drunk, snorting coke, taking pills, and nailing every guy they could while sneaking into some crappy club; I was hanging out with my friends and making memories I actually wanted to keep; not forget.

I know, I sound super judgmental but really; it's nice to reflect every once in awhile. It's good for the soul and for the sake of figuring out where you went wrong in the beginning.

Still, I've been through a lot. Lost many friends, some later and some earlier. Lost a reputation when I decided to think freely and basically say "F the world". Lost a chance with real relationships because I built walls that were stronger than a prison. I lost a lot. I gained a lot too however.

I gained self respect.

So many out there will lack that trait in a vast part of their life; most never find it until they are older and others don't even let it show because they want to experience things they have had way too many times. Sex for example. If you have it once; good, if you have it forever; you'll lose all thrill in it and you'll find yourself in my shoes. Wishing it didn't exist in the first place. When it boils down to the truth. I figured out why people are single so much.

It's not because of walls, it's not because of history, or genetics. It's because sex has become too important. It's the basis in choosing someone. Think about it, most of you out there wouldn't date a certain person unless they were truly attractive or they had something to them that made you go boing in the night. Perhaps this is a truth that kept me single because I know what men truly think.

Either way, enough of my reflection time and endless ranting. Get your asses to sleep.

Ciao ciao.

July 11, 2011

Proof that kitties are smart

and cute too ;)

True love comes in the shape of a candle

Recently I received a package from one of my most loving of friends. In this package was something that I was shocked by because never in my life have I ever found love in a material way nor had I known that it was even in existence beyond my conversations and my sweet memories.

I would open the box to find a beautifully written card which made me tear up, quite a few amazing trinkets and delights and my most prized moment; a beautiful candle for my mother.

Knowing where I stand, I know even though this is a friendship; I feel your love and it smells like a dream to me, one I don't ever want to let go of. I could cry deeply right now in joy from this beautiful gift but I am going to try not to, I don't want us to be like two school girls who just got suspended for checking out the boys in the locker room.

No, what I want, so badly is to telepathically teleport myself to you and give you a million kisses and hugs until you just can't stand it anymore!

This is the most beautiful and thoughtful thing ANYONE has ever done for me in my life. I've never had such love given to me even now in a way that you care so much as to remember such delicate things that even I sometimes lose touch with.

It's true, true love comes in the shape of a candle for me. I can't deny it is there and I can't hide behind the light. I know it's scary sometimes but this is the love I have looked for. This is the man I fell in love with and I'm so proud to see he is still alive and well.

God really blessed me when he brought you to me those 3 years ago. I couldn't of asked for a more bittersweet moment than this.

Thank you from the bottom to the top to the soul of me Bastiaan Sander. You're the most loving and caring guy I have ever met and to know that even though we overthrown some boundaries; you still share a love for me that can't be replaced nor denied. Even in friendship, I feel like my life is falling into a miracle. Please, never lose this side of you. It's the most beautiful thing you have and I cherish it with every piece of me. You are truly the most amazing soul God ever created. I love you dear and now I can see a strong reminder that you love me too.

With Love and Kisses and Hugs,
Brandon M. Whaley

Why abstinence is the best thing that ever happened to me

Duke and John the Baptist

Tonight was by far the weirdest paranormal experience I had ever experienced in my life. My dad also felt something at the same time.

I was asleep and was dreaming of a cathedral and someone was being baptized; I saw a book and it was a book I had seen before and it said something about Duke and John the Baptist. I've been researching and all I have found was a cathedral in Norwich that kind of resembles what I thought I had seen. I felt a warm hand on my side and was unable to move barely for a minute. I immediately reacted and start citing "Stop in the name of Jesus Christ" and it went away.

I'm not sure if it's a sign or not but my dad felt a water drop on his neck earlier (no water leaking or anything anywhere) and then he went back to sleep and felt another water drop on his neck. He can't explain it either but stated that he had been praying for a sign from God that my family was okay (the ones who have passed).

I don't know what to take of this but something has to come of it given the fact that I went through it. It has to mean something or have been a part of someone or something trying to contact me. I hope that I will know the answer in time but even if I don't, I just know that this is a memory I won't forget. The weirdest part is the fact that it happened at the same time that my dad felt something and we both woke up at the same time.

Perhaps my Grandfather came to let us know he is okay? Perhaps my mother visited me to let me know that she is okay? Whatever it was, I can't ignore the fact that I had something strange happen and I can't ignore the fact that whatever it was, it was real because I felt it. The hand, I could feel it as if it were a human hand touching me.

Either way, this is definitely something to think about.

Ciao ciao.

July 9, 2011

Kitty lovers unite!

I started a new blog for kitty lovers. I found it was prominent mostly on G+ and I wanted to make a great blog for kitty lovers to visit and vote on their favorite kitties.

By the way Bastiaan, I post those two photos of Fleur from your Flickr; hope you don't mind. If you do, let me know and I'll remove them.

Anyway, this blog is a blog I worked hard on last night and I'm quite proud of it so far.

Check it out here.

July 8, 2011

Like a speed of venom

So I've always noticed I have the issue of either one of two things.

Dating someone who lives too far away or dating someone who isn't mature enough to comprehend what I put out. I'm a simple and yet complex person; this isn't something new.

It's hard to find people who relate as well. I usually relate on most things that people can relate on but I have rarely related on religious views or politics (though I'm not into politics; I see no point)

The way I look at it is I don't want to spend my adult life searching for what I had but rather waiting for what is yet to be had. I want to start a career and a life for myself that I was able to build on my own.

I'm an independent person for the most part and to allow someone in to help me isn't an easy thing. I don't even like accepting offers but I will given the fact that it's out of respect for the person and their generous approach.

A good reason why I don't sleep with people when I'm in love (or hardly) is because I'm not fond of myself due to the past types of people I dated. Some were abusive and others were just completely insane.

I am putting my past behind me though because I know it doesn't help fix anything and it will hold me back. Love is a touchy subject for everyone and people misguide it too often.

Love isn't just a person, place or thing. It is a form inside us that creates our future. It shapes us into whom we were called to be from the beginning of our birth.

My issue is figuring out when and where mine is going to show. Instead of asking for love; I want to give love. I want to be part of the movement that makes things better for people through positive thinking and the gift of perseverance.

We are first humans but we will always be spirits last. Remember this.

Ciao ciao.

July 7, 2011

Survival on less than $85

So I finally figured out where our money situation seems to be. It depresses me but there is nothing I can personally do to fix it and I've tried to explain that some of our luxuries should be shut off so we can maintain our food supply.

But no one listens to what I have to say on that and so I digress once again on a subject I never liked to deal with to begin with.

Apparently my dad only receives $85 or less (luckily) after taxes and paying all the bills that need to be paid. Food being so expensive and all makes it all the more harder for us to figure out what will last us for two weeks at a time because let's face it, milk at $4.19 a gallon and a hungry stomach isn't going to always work and a gallon will go quick between the two of us.

Some people may not like may way of doing things but I find it's better to just do them and worry later. I won't lie, I starve myself sometimes when we get in these situations but I do it to preserve what little we have so I can have something towards the end and not suffer like I did when I was younger.

I know my dad is trying and I can't always expect things to be great considering that our economy is about to go into another depression and one that will not save us this time like before because our government is too greedy and wants to give all of our jobs to foreigners.

I know, it sounds racist but I assure you; I'm not. I just think that with all our issues here, we need fix ours first before we go around trying to fix everyone else's problems.

It's hard to be optimistic sometimes when you see how some of your friends who have went to college and gained degrees and masters in things; flop to the ever growing world of unemployment and unfortunate battles with food stamps and food pantries that make you sign up just to get something smaller than what you can buy.

It is very tough on all of us. I hate saying it but the huge part of why I've always wanted to live in Europe is because if anything, I know that the economic standing is better in comparison to my life at this moment. You can afford to live and eat everyday depending on where you live. Jobs are easier to come by as well; at least from what I've been seeing.

I could deal with adapting to a new way of life and progressing into a life that seems surreal to me at first but if it keeps me healthy; it's well worth it in the end.

In all honesty, I have no clue what to do. I'm ready to panic and start looking for local pantries and try to apply for them myself since my dad is apparently afraid to do anything other than just "deal with it".

Ah yes, the joys of being poor. It's common however and so it's not like I want to feel special out of it, I'm just tired of all the worry and wonder. I want stability in my life, I crave it.

School will take me forever (possibly over a year or two) to complete given the factor that I'm still unable to do most of my basic mathematical functions like division and multiplication. I also have to rely on my father to get me to school whenever possible and some days, he's too tired to take me, so I stay home and think of ways that would be easier if my town LIVED in a digital era like today.

For example, why not create a social network within the school that is private and free. Offering classes online that are hosted within the site like many others but do it in a way where the students don't have to install stupid programs or use 'special' computers to access them. It's not that hard to implement and I know quite a few programmers who could agree with me on this one.

I still can't stand the fact that my school uses a program that costs $2,000 per install and per computer. They have at least 15 computers in the computer lab. Stop being so old school and kick it up to our level; it's cheap anyways.

I can see I'm rambling and going in random directions and it should serve a purpose to know that I haven't slept at all yet. I can't sleep.

Point being is I don't know where to begin but to do the same and try to "deal with it" until NEXT friday. which will not be any different than today or any other day when all he will have to his name is $60 and only 2-3 days worth of gas in the tank.

People can laugh all they want about green living but I would rather live like an amish person than to pay sky high and never make it.

We really do live in a rich get richer and poor get poorer world. If only it could be equal finance for all. Everyone has money to eat, everyone can afford gas by driving electric or walking, everyone can LEARN from presidential and governmental mistakes.

I know I should be thankful for what little I have, but it's hard when your outcome can't seem to change. I've tried being positive about this and it's not working anymore. So, it's time to think a little more and look at what is out there. Something has to give because I can't stand to see us never make it out.

Meanwhile, it's nice having a 42" plasma; isn't is? To think that if you go rid of it and went back to the old TV for awhile; we could afford to eat again without having a major fiasco over the fact that everything you buy is the same things over and over again that is not going to last hardly and usually they only last for a night or so.

Anyway, enough about my problems. I shouldn't even be talking about this let alone telling people about my issues when people in Africa don't even get to eat at all. I just feel depressed deep down when I start to see how things really are here. I hope that change will come and that it will be good. We can bare to take on more b.s.

Ciao ciao.

July 5, 2011

Like vs. Plus

The war has begun. While many are out there using Facebook; several of us have departed ways for a better social experience. Google+

Google+ has many advances that some sites just don't yet have. Hangouts being an example (though Mark Zuckerberg has been on Google+ stealing ideas from Hangouts so he can implement it into his Facebook platform)

Contrary from the fact that many say it was already in the making; I concur that he was waiting for the time when he could try and do an "Look at ours, it's better" type of promotion on his pathetic product.

As you can tell, I am not fond of Facebook, especially after learning that my data is being sold to third parties and the government AND that Microsoft has basically weaved it's way into building a super anti-trust form within the Facebook platform. Little do you 'like' people out there know; you're not only being watched but your being profited from as well.

Google+ doesn't sell your data and it doesn't even have advertisements like Facebook or MySpace does. You have way more privacy and it's extremely simple in comparison to Facebook which has over 40 settings in a scattered form.

Just think, with Facebook integrating Video chat soon; now the government and Microsoft can all sit back at their cubicles and watch your every conversation and then use it to their advantage and of course; Facebook won't do a thing about it because they're in it for the money. Greedy low-lives.

It will take me centuries to fully depart considering that my wall posts have been going on for several years now and with Facebook; there is no deleting data at the click of a button; it simply disables your account while they are allowed to use your data and sell your name to companies all over the world for their own gain. Look it up in the terms; you'll see it clearly just how stupid people really are these days.

Well anyway, enough of the hate mail here. I'd like to introduce to you a site that I think is absolutely genius. It's called Like vs. Plus and it is a vote that will determine what people really like.

It's self explainitory but you basically either click the like button or the +1 button in support of your social stance. So if you're on Facebook's side because you're evil like that; click the like button and if you're glad your data isn't being sold anymore because you have Google+ then you should click the +1 button.

So far as of this post; +1 is winning and I have to say; It's about time. Google was around way before Facebook was; people should remember that.

Ciao ciao.

July 4, 2011


To my readers, I've not forgotten about you. I just haven't blogged a lot.

Recently I was invited to Google+ and since I signed up for it; I am in love. Google+ has so many amazing features and a lot of them could be used in a multipurpose way. Google Hangouts are my favorite though in the stage it is in right now, there is a LOT of work ahead before it will be ready for primetime.

Though Google+ has apparently been opened up for Google accounts (as far as I've heard and witnessed)

So if you have a Google account; just login with it and you can have a profile on Google+ a social network for people with simple thoughts.

Circles is rather nifty too because it provides us with a way to organize our friends and unlike Facebook; it actually does it in a simple way. The animations can't be copied.

I am debating but soon I will be slowly fading out my Facebook account in return for a new social experience with Google+ and considering that I am a Google tester; it would make more sense to continue on using my favorite products with someone I agree with. Facebook is basically Microsoft due to the fact that they have strong ties and Skype is linked to Microsoft as well which is why I dumped Skype for Google Talk.

A lot of people wonder what the difference is; the only way is to go and see for yourself. You will be in love when you get there. It's truly an amazing place and a lot more friendlier than Facebook; whom is copying Google Hangouts with Skype integration next week on their site. No originality. At least Google+ is original. It is definitely not another Facebook type of site. It's way better than that.