Today is one of those days

I look around and see some people who are unhappy and think; what the fuck happened to you for you to get so unhappy about things?

Sometimes, you can get relationships with people that look amazingly cute and sexy...all I ever get or got really were the hand-me-downs of your type...I got the types that didn't care or didn't want to stay around and yet you have the ones that will stay around for awhile at least and make you feel like a princess. Where is my knight? Why is he taking so fucking long to show up?

I can admit that I'm a jealous person. I want things that some people have because I know secretly I could never get them. I get the treatment of the third wheel a lot too. Ask any Leo, we have those moments where it happens. Where we feel like a third wheel and like we're out of the loop in a lot of ways. It's because we crave attention. We crave the spotlight. We need it for our mental survival.

Here is what I want and what I've been trying to get for years now. Some of which I know in my heart I will find and others are a little bit cloudy still..

-Long-lasting Friendships

While some of it is easier said than done...I think that for the most part...I can leverage a compromise somewhere...or just keep fighting for something I can only dream of having at the end of this shit fest...


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