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The new Google Bar

I'm super excited about this :) finally, Google is really taking an initiative for a simple and beautiful design. Great job Google team!
Official Google Blog: The next stage in our redesign

Can't hold us down

As Christina Aguilera once said, "Nobody can hold us down" and with full force ahead, I will follow on that belief because I know who I am and what I'm worthy of.


I'm thinking of getting tits someday...I think they would be fun and if I changed my mind, I can reverse the whole process...if I got tits...would you play with em? ;)

Double the fun

Never had a guy get me off twice but last night was amazingly hot...he knew how to really slam it and the positions were great...I was so loud I woke up a couple next door to our room...ahh, it's nice to know I still got it ;) and the guys are lining up to try and get a taste of me...can't fuck with me, I will keep you coming back for more...hahaha


When your boyfriend is cranky


Someone told me I had very feminine legs recently. As my first 'leg' picture; I give this proof to you...

Today is one of those days

I look around and see some people who are unhappy and think; what the fuck happened to you for you to get so unhappy about things?

Sometimes, you can get relationships with people that look amazingly cute and sexy...all I ever get or got really were the hand-me-downs of your type...I got the types that didn't care or didn't want to stay around and yet you have the ones that will stay around for awhile at least and make you feel like a princess. Where is my knight? Why is he taking so fucking long to show up?

I can admit that I'm a jealous person. I want things that some people have because I know secretly I could never get them. I get the treatment of the third wheel a lot too. Ask any Leo, we have those moments where it happens. Where we feel like a third wheel and like we're out of the loop in a lot of ways. It's because we crave attention. We crave the spotlight. We need it for our mental survival.

Here is what I want and what I've been trying to get for year…

Oh poor little virgo

You can try to outshine me but we all know that a flame is higher than a bird. I also have the advantage of luring in whomever I want with the siren in me. You can try to imitate my charms and looks, but you can never be me.

I'm not desperate for your call either; because Leo's are independent creatures. We're stable in our own environments and never have a need for yours. Sure we crave attention but only because we know that we have the power in us to use it towards our outwardly deeds.

So keep playing the copy cat and trying to plot my flames; but the fire inside me will keep burning when you can't fly. Leo's are stronger dear Virgo.



Just won't do.

Since when does this happen?

I checked my email sent folder today and saw countless replies to sex ads on craigslist (straight ones at that) with my home phone number included....

Looks like the step brother can't be trusted and he's using my email for this stuff? If anything; at least make your own or something...I don't care that your doing it but why are you using MY email address; invasion of privacy and you didn't even ask permission to use it.

Better change the password now......oi vey!

Fun times

It's great to be in good company with my homie Matty :)<3 ya boo!

An album all about me

All from Kelly Clarkson's latest. A friend recommended it today; sounds good and I love how much she's developed since her A.I. days. Lyrics are right on notch too. Great job Kelly!

Songs that speak to me from the new album Stronger would be:

1. Honestly
2. Standing In Front Of You
3. I Forgive You
4. Let Me Down
5. You Can't Win
6. Breaking Your Own Heart
7. Don't Be A Girl About It
8. The Sun Will Rise

A lot of deep connection mostly with Honestly and The Sun Will Rise. Another song not related to this post that I find beautiful is Someone Like You and Rolling In The Deep by Adele.

And so I cave in

I've been holding back from writing something deep or personal about a guy I still love; even though he hates me now. I've been a child, a coward, and I most likely deserve what I'm getting. It hurts.

I feel dead now. I'm dying inside. It kills me to see me and this guy fight over what? Why are we still fighting? What was my issue that made me go and fuck up someone who was beyond amazing and beyond sweet to me. I can't even begin to know how one would repair the damage of this but I dream of it all the time.

Today marks the first time I've ever cried from an email in ages. I don't like crying but I guess mother nature is trying to push me. I'm going to name names and just say...

Regardless of what I've done to insult, break, and deceive you...I don't regret us and I don't regret what I feel...

I can't explain it but love isn't dead, it's just changed and I know that and I accept...I can't begin to imagine the hell you have e…