Generation lost

So many times I see kids these days dress in some of the most repulsive rubbish you can imagine. Showing your crotch and your bulge in public is vile and degrading. Leave it for a bedroom or hotel room for that matter.

It's sad these days, kids truly have no respect for themselves; their partners; or their parents. I remember times when keeping your body covered up was still considered classy and elegant of you and you were seen as a respectable person for those gestures. Today we turn on the radio to crappy music that exposes our children to sex, drugs, illegal crime, and so much that they shouldn't be exposed to.

If I ever have kids; I don't want them to live in a world where they don't know what class is. Morals are important because without them; you're no longer in control of yourself and when this happens, you've gone off the deep end...and not for the good either

Some might disagree with me and I can accept that but hear me out; we shouldn't glorify indecent behavior and things that should be kept to adults. Why is it for adults usually? It's because it isn't of the same mindset of understanding that kids are on at those critical points in their lives.

Much like sex and drugs, we have the issue of bullying too. It's starts with parenting. If you raise a killer; you get a killer. If you raise a bully; you get a bully. It's more psychological than anything though. It starts with their mental placement and then it expands to their actions, gestures, demeanor and so on.

If we can change the world through laws and funding things that might have no need to begin with; we can surely save our kids from becoming part of a generation of "young pre-adults" that don't know what reality they're supposed to exist in.

Next time you see a kid with booty shorts on and a cigarette in their mouth; be the big person and educate them that they can do better for themselves. I know that if I had had someone around to teach me these things without me learning them the hard way; I'd be much better off than I am these days.

Always talk to your children. It's important for them to know that they can rely on you because even though they make act like it's not "cool" and what not, they truly deep down want to voice their views and opinions and the best person to listen is the parents.

Pregnancy is a major issue as well and I think that we really need to get more proactive in educating even more to show kids the dangers of what getting pregnant when your not ready can lead to.

TV glorifies so much of this stuff and it's horrible because a lot of it is false. It leaves out the rest of the story that our kids need to know about. These situations depict what they will do in their future. Remember that.


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