Well this would be a bitch

Sometimes, good phones are just not so good. Back in September I purchased the LG Optimus V as my prime choice for my first smartphone/touchscreen and it seems it's lead me to a string of bad luck.

Today, after installing Angry Birds Seasons and transferring a couple apps to my SD card; my phone decided to become evil and start acting up. I decided to reboot the phone and now it's stuck on the Android logo. To restart the phone; you have to pull the battery out and of all these attempts to fix it; I've deemed it unsuccessful.

I called Virgin Mobile support in hopes that they would know what to do. The guy I got was nice and tried his best but it ended up in contacting headquarters which will take me a grand total of about 1-2 weeks before I will receive a response given the high call volume. I'm still under warranty so hopefully I will be able to get a replacement phone but if I can't, I will have to bid farewell to the smartphone world and either recycle the damn thing or flash it like crazy until it's working again.

This makes my second phone to go to shit. LG, improve your products because I'm starting to lose faith in you. I mean really, my phone goes into a boot loop the first time; sent it back and I got a good phone but then it got stuck on the damn Android logo. What's next; my phone will start murdering people?

I can't but be frustrated given the time it took to make the money just to get this phone. I wrote nonstop in front of my computer for about a week just to get the amount needed to pay for this phone and since then; a newer and better version has come into play on the Virgin Mobile site, deeming my phone out of date.

Here's to a new beginning all over again; wouldn't be the first time eh?


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