Virgin Mobile fail

Again and again I continue to deal with failures to resolve issues, rude representatives, and the occasional India guy hitting on me when I call to try and get this problem resolved.

I hate that I've had to do this so much but it's always come down to it. I'm the customer and I am always right; remember?

So I've been having issues with my Android phone lately and I am under warranty. I've tried and tried to get a replacement because I qualify and I even went online and read up on the terms for it (very tiring process I might add) and it clearly states that I am covered for phone damages that are not self inflicted.

Each time that I've called, they tried to contact corporate because they were unable to activate my number to get the replacement process taken care of. It's been about a week or so since I filed a ticket for this issue and STILL corporate is failing to contact me or review the issue.

I get that they are busy and have thousands of customers to tend to; but does it really have to take this long? Hire more people; I'm certain that there is someone who is willing to do the job in order to better your company.

Virgin Mobile has a reputation for being a horrible company with customer service but never did I have to filed so many complaints every time just to get them to do their job.

So, I've taken to the Better Business Bureau once again in hopes that they will finally contact me and get this taken care of. I'm tired of waiting to use a phone that I worked hard to purchase and still have the inability to use it.

I didn't write for a week for nothing. I put in a lot of hours and dedication because I felt that for once; I wanted to get something nice for myself; something that I could say I got on my own and not through acts of kindness, loving boyfriends, or family.

I'm 22 years old and I've learned that the best things in life don't come for free; they come from hard work, dedication, and experience. It's rewarding when you look at your bill and see that you've made close to $200 because you stayed up hour after hour; night after night to get work done so you could achieve something you didn't think you could.

If only money didn't exist; our world would be so much more peaceful and we as people wouldn't be fighting over fairness and who gets the last bit of chump change.

I've dreamed of living in a world where money was no longer an issue, when kindness just flowed with us on the terms that if we were kind; we wouldn't lose our minds. I've awaited so long for a time when judgment didn't exist. I for one; felt judgment for years and I know many others have.

It's unfair and childish. So when your going out into the world today; help an old lady cross the street, compliment someone, give a smile to a kid that's looking down, and serve words of encouragement to those that truly need it.

Remember; encouragement is unconditional and if it has judgment; it's not encouragement anymore.


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