There goes mister "I love you", again

Like a bag of garbage; another one is out for the taking. I guess it's true, sometimes you just can't get what you really want. For so long I thought that if I was honest and forward about things; I would reap the benefit of getting something that could last or something that would at least mean something enough to pull through small changes. Apparently; this one wasn't so right for me.

Beyond the usual lines of bullshit that guys give me after they meet me, this one was a bit different but still relatively usual. It's not everyday that I run into an Australian who decides in the end to dump me because he feels offended. I'm a self learner; I learn on my own but if YOU don't tell me what is translated as offensive to you; I'm not able to feel sorry for you. Your fault; not mine. I'm just doing the job that is; being your personal hand-me-down.

I'm not writing this post to ridicule myself or any guy for that matter because let's face it; that would take the entire blog space that Google has on their servers and I don't think we want to lose Blogger (or Google Blogs as it will be known in the future) anytime soon.

This is merely just a reflection of what I've come to realize. All men are assholes.

It's regardless of location, creed, look, accent, or demeanor. They all have that special charm because they all have the wit that makes a man truly stand out in a crowd. I'm done with it.

Times are changing as they usually do and I'm sick of allowing myself to perish at the expense of others. It's not right for me to become a joke or the pitiful part of someone's lavish lifestyle or dream. I'm a human being and I'm not around for your satisfaction; I'm around to do what is it that I feel I want to do with this life. Dating is no longer an option and I'm completely burnt out on it.

Call me bitter again but this time, I'm done with it. I'm done being kind and showing people who I am because when I show who I am; NO ONE is accepting of it because NO ONE gets who I am. The point of getting to know someone is to learn how to accept them in the end result. If you can't do that; the door is open and it's calling for you to walk back out as you came in.

I've been really quiet for a long time about what I'm going through with the 'new' guy and he, along with a prime example have exposed why dating out of country will never work. You can't be man enough to come and see me face-to-face. You're not trustworthy. You're unreliable because you leave at the second something comes up and you're not loyal to the heart but to yourself.

The beauty however in all of this bitterness is the fact that I'm gaining my strength back to say "fuck off" and actually compel upon things that I didn't see happening prior to the engagements.

So remember boys (because men don't fuck with your heart) - If you're out of country, don't even bother because I'm through putting up with your bullshit. Ta ta motherfuckers.


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