Pretty woman

Sometimes I feel like I'm Julia Roberts. Struggling with life and then something good happens. The only difference is; I'm not a prostitute and I'm not escorting for a rich guy and having to wear elegant clothes that cost more than my dream home.

Still I dream of having a life like Julia's in this movie. Meeting someone, being swept off my feet by kindness and a swift charming stare. The only problem as to why I could never fit into the lifestyle is because one; I don't eat snails or other things that crawl and I'm too outspoken for most of those type of people.

I've met a few wonderful people though that would classify as what people would normally say are the rich and snobby. Not all of them are bad and many of them do have a heart. Some are just a little bit less understanding of my kind simply because they haven't experienced the hardships we have or never had to worry about some of the same things that we have.

Either way, good or bad. Sad or happy. I've learned from people I've met. I've learned that hating or shutting out the world based on their goals, attributions, or life choices is beyond unfair. As one should always say; Thou shalt not judge.

On a side note; I feel Julia Roberts. I've had a few moments where I felt cheap. Then again; we all feel this way at some point. The guilty track of life; eh?


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