In the 90s and today

We would talk through blogs, profile pages on MySpace, and the occasional phone call. It never occurred just how much our world has evolved. We've come from profiles and blogs to texting and video chat.

I miss those days back in the 90s. The 90s were a good era. No worries, no heartaches, childhood was filled with excitement that at the end of the school season we had 3 months of freedom ahead of us to have fun and explore our growing up process.

When I was a kid, I remember falling in love with all the boy bands that came out. Staying up until 11pm to watch MTV award shows, and scary movies with my sister. I remember when I was sick and I stayed home; my sister would sometimes stay out to tend to me like mother would. She was my sister but also my best friend. Something that as we got older; we lose.

I remember the old place. It was two stories and a nice apartment at least. All of my friends were in the neighborhood so I could always find someone to talk to when I needed to. I spent evenings with my friend Courtney and her brother, going to the creek, shooting hoops for fun, and playing knock knock (also known as nig*** knocking over here) and we used to camp out with our tents in the summer by the trail down the road to see if the urban legend of the ghost of Naomi was true.

I remember one Halloween we walked on the Old Walker Mill Rd. bridge and we swore we saw a floating arm (ghostly looking) in the water just below the bridge where we could see. We had a blast because it was such a small town that EVERYTHING was literally within walking distance. I could walk to almost all of my friends houses without a problem; trick or treating was a super fun time because we also stopped by the rich people houses and they were so sweet to us. They gave us lots of great goodies and smiled at us as we embarrassed ourselves with the "trick of treat" line that all kids said in those days.

Biking was a great thing and just up the road we had a playground that you could always go to. I spent many summer evenings swinging on the swings thinking what it would be like to see this big world that was just waiting outside of my community. Every summer we had the Boys and Girls of Salvation Army bus stop by and bring us to a public swimming pool for free. It was a lot of fun and they even gave us lunches and let us play games in the gymnasium with all the other kids they picked up.

Holidays were the greatest. Every year for Christmas; we had a local parade that everyone went to. They would throw out mounds of candy and other little Christmas goodies and gave us a lot of great floats and such to gawk at. We would also go to Asheboro where the fall festival would be happening and it was one of the most fun events in town. You could literally smell the delicious funnel cakes being baked and the sweet savory aroma of freshly baked pizza.

Down the street from where I lived was a tree; a big tree and it soon became my hang out spot. I climbed up the branches as high as I could and would sit there for hours, listening to my little portable radio and singing to it out loud as I watched the sunset going down from afar. Every so often a friend of mine would come with me and we would sit there, talking, joking around, and playing prankster games on neighbors while hiding out in our tree. I guess you could say that we were a collective bunch but really; we had something special where I lived. We had the gift of a true community.

Everyone you knew was there, everyone you hated was there too. Though I had a lot of bad memories; I had a lot of good ones too. I remember babysitting little Zachary and seeing him cry (poor dear) when I left to go home. Raising Elijah with the help of his mom Nicole was great too. Elijah was the cutest little cuban toddler you could have seen. He smiled so much and he was such a mess though he was very loving when you were upset. Coming home from school one day, crying from bullying on the bus and at school, I came in and tried to clear those tears so he couldn't tell I was dealing with some problems; still he ran up to me and hugged my leg and looked up at me with an adorable smile. All my worries and hurt disappeared when those moments came.

It's amazing what children can do to you; even as a child yourself. You get so swept up in life and drama that you forget that the small things are what matter most. I have so much life I left behind when I came here and I feel that someday; I'll come back home and find that life again. I want to relive those good times all over again. The days when I didn't worry about dating or fighting over who is right and who is wrong. It was just simply care free and full of wonder.

Childhood is the best time I believe; it isn't always but for me; I look back and remember the good times I had, blocking out the horrible moments I went through and I see a smile enchanting my face as I dream of the good ol' days. I'd do anything just for one chance to go back to those times. To live that happiness I had when I was younger.

Though I had a lot of happiness, I had a lot more sorrow. I went through so much hell as a kid, especially a kid without a mother. I blame my being crazy on lack of parental guidance but still I think over and over about it and realize that even now; that child is still in me, just begging to come back to life again. Taking trips down the street to get a little bubble gum and soda, or going to the pizza place up the street for pizza nights, or attending school dances with my friends and thinking "I don't ever want this to end" or even taking those nice walks to go visit my sister and her husband up the street.

That's another great thing. If I moved back home; I'd be right where I could see my adorable nephews. Kyzer says my name now and the baby smiles and laughs all the time. The happiest two boys you could ever meet :)

Ah, memories.


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