Home coming

It's been 4 months since my step mother left to visit family and because we are the 1% - She still hasn't had her money come in to get home.

Luckily October is going to be a good month for her because Columbia Southern University sent out one check earlier this week but it was only for a portion of the total amount she's supposed to be getting back.

Tickets went up so it may be possible that she won't be home until November. One can only hope that a miracle will happen for her and the boys.

Tommy; her other son will be living with us soon. I have to say I'm a little nervous given this will be the first time I've ever met him but sources say he's a great guy, so I'll just have to keep that in mind.

It's crazy thinking about what is just around the corner. The 1 year anniversary of my grandpa's passing. I still think about him from time to time, I smile sometimes because I know he's so much better off now that we are. At least he's not dirt poor like half of my country is.

A friend of mine actually told me that I should organize a protest for the Occupy movement but I decided it would be in my best interests to stay away from that. I don't do politics and I am not an activist. I do however believe in their work and I am in support of it.

I hope that we see America improve soon but I know deep down; it's only going to get worse over here. Europe and some other neighboring countries are feeling the heat too. If one of us fails, everyone fails. It's just how it works.

Recently in a older post I stated that I was going to do audio blogs, I haven't done many and they will be rare but I decided that they won't be done on my phone anymore. My phone isn't a good source for me and well, I figured, on the computer it's just easier to edit the headline and such right in the moment.

I'm excited for tonight. Tonight at 10pm EST, Google will announce two major Android releases. The release of the new Android OS (Ice Cream Sandwich aka 4.0) and the release of the first and newest Samsung phone to have it called Samsung Galaxy Nexus (or so sources have stated recently)

I decided to watch the event through the Android YouTube page. If you want to check out this announcement; hit it up!


Well, time is awaiting my arrival and one of my dear British friends just sent a text; time to reply to that one :)

For my international friends; if you want to save money on texting other countries, I recommend using Pinger (Textfree) via www.pinger.com/textfree

You can get an American number for free and instantly without going through verifications and stupid junk like that. All you need is a US zip code. If you must, you can use mine which is 28540.

Ciao ciao everyone! :)


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