Pandora users

I've recently come back to Pandora and started enjoying it's benefits on my mobile phone. I love it so far (aside from the somewhat slower load up) and the selections are endless.

If you're a fan of 80s music like myself; I recommend a great radio station to add. Simply type in The Human League and create the station. Everything so far that I've heard on this station is great and it's music that I enjoy greatly. For example, right now I'm enjoying some Animotion (Obsession) and earlier I heard the Romantics song; Talking In Your Sleep.

I'd also recommend Grooveshark; though for the mobile app; it will cost you a subscription but on your computer; it's a free service with very minor limited functionality. I love it as well. You can find anything you want and start listening to your favorites right now!

Pandora also has a desktop application for it's subscribers. They're subscription costs $36 a year. Themes and such are also added to the subscription and it's completely ad-free as well.

Until next time,