Want to learn about Chromebook and Chrome OS?

There are many sites to achieve learning more about Chromebook and Chrome OS but none of them are personal people who actually use both products. They usually consist of blogging companies or writers who are using it just to promote the product and to make themselves look like avid supporters.

AC Monroe offers a blog that is rich in posts and talks about things that many of you have questions about with these two products. For example; What are web apps and how do they work on Chrome OS? or What's a good alternative to Netflix for Chrome OS?

A lot of questions can be answered from his blog about it as well as anything else; be sure to spread the word about him and send him a tweet as well; he won't mind and unlike many of the other blogs out there; he will actually respond to you.

You can check out his blog for more info on Chromebook and Chrome OS as well as other things dealing with these wonderful products by visiting his blog here: http://chromebookguruac.blogspot.com/



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