There is a reason for my behavior

It starts with the array of bullshit that people will tell me followed by their lack of class and their insane way to populate their friendships.

I was at first okay with the idea of hanging out with someone from my past but it's clear tonight that the reason I left is because we're two different people and I'm not okay with being around the crazy shit again.

First off, I think it's great that you've got a job and all and I am proud of you for that. I'm not proud of you for turning back into the same person that I try not to be. You're dating 2 guys? Do yourself a favor and just pick one otherwise you're just going to get wrapped up in another situation that you already went through and we know how awful that turned out.

The fact that your sex life is so far promiscuous that even a porn star looks like a virgin is sad. I'm not sure if you're hurting somewhere in there but I really hope that you don't catch a disease one of these days from sleeping with all these men around here.

People can say I'm judgmental in this post and I have two words for them; fuck off. I'm simply delving into a moment where I need to let out my frustration and I have no one; so this is my little home of rants and raves.

I don't want to sleep with you either and considering that you've been trying so hard to do so; that makes you all the more unattractive and I should know; I'm so unattractive I can't get ONE date around here....then again, who really gives a fuck about girly boys that dress like they're from another city and likes 80s music....not someone in this shit hole

I'm slowly beginning to turn into the bitter bitch I used to be and it's because of this stupidity I see all around me. Don't people want something better? Isn't there something that they want other than just endless booty calls, smoking pot all the time because they think they're so cool, and acting like a person who never learned from there mistakes?

I'll admit, I just want ONE fucking guy here to hit on me.....I want to feel like I'm good enough because here lately....I feel empty....sad....lonely....bitter....silent

I don't even care about sex, it's not interesting and it takes away from the good moments I could be having with the people that actually care about me....which may be few but it's not because I'm a anti-socialist......It's because people here are too difficult for me

I'm not that bad of a person. I'm just not so normal either.

If I could be in a rock band, I'd be cussing out all of you fuck tarts out there that USE people and make them feel like shit; like I've been feeling because of you.

I love the fact that all my friends have there little crushes and that's great for them but when will I finally get what I want too? when is someone going to step up and be the man again?