Nosy family and school meets

Tonight I went to school and had a pretty good time. I met a wonderful teacher named Debbie who was really polite and helpful and she is about to be 40. I told her; 40 is the new 20, so be sure to love it and she does :)

I'm about to make spaghetti for dinner and I've only had a honey bun at school today with a Pepsi. Both costs $1. I remember when honey buns only cost 75 cent or sometimes; 50 cents.

As we came home tonight, the stop light on the other side of our intersection by our house was jammed and stuck on red. My dad was frustrated and decided to turn anyways and I'm glad he did or else we would still be waiting for it to change right now. No worries though; I made it my duty to call the police department about it and they said they'll be sending out a cop soon to check it out. Branni saves the night! Meanwhile, my dad sat in the living room for at least 30 minutes staring out the windows to see if the cop was coming to have a look at the stoplight and he was casually broadcasting his scanner to hear all the things that were going on around our area. He's nosy like that but I can't help but laugh sometimes, it's like he still has a little kid inside him that is curious about the world around him. I hope I have my curiosity when I'm his age. I look forward to being like a kid then.

Our washer and dryer are going to be leaving us soon. It appears we owe a payment for them (I believe it's $80 for the month?) and we can't afford it. So if I start to smell through your computer screen; just know it's Aaron's fault (Aaron's being the name of the company we're renting from)

Nevertheless. I'm actually pretty happy these past couple of days. I feel like I'm gaining my confidence back. Not to mention; my new shoes are winning people over. Everyone that has seen them, loves them and it's making me happier and happier each day that I wear them to get the compliments. I'm also getting compliments on my makeup lately too. Tonight my teacher said that I look beautiful. She's such a nice gal and the other day a friend in Google+ Hangouts told me that I looked beautiful too.

Well, time to start cooking up a storm in this kitchen. Two hungry mouths to feed and boy we're anxious for some cheesy, meaty, spaghetti!



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