A new show on Hulu

Sadly this will only work for U.S. users but hopefully Hulu will stop being anal and give some international love eventually. YouTube still needs to make their entire site international friendly. Just saying.

So a few minutes ago, I stumbled upon a brand new show offered on Hulu called "A Day In The Life" which follows prestigious people all over the world to show you how they live and what they do everyday in their busy lives. The first episode has the respectable Mr. Richard Branson whom owns several businesses and non-profits and is most notably part of the Virgin line of business.

You know, I normally don't follow shows on Hulu unless I really like them but this one seems interesting. I love reality shows that show you how someone lives or how different life is on their side. Plus I love hearing British accents.

Hopefully this video will play but if it doesn't, click on the title (I believe it will show) and you will be taken to the page to play it there. Enjoy!


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