New Amsterdam

So I was browsing through show listings on Hulu and found one that struck me with interest. It's called "New Amsterdam" and it portrays a soldier from way back in the day who risked his life for a native american girl whom was being attacked (her tribe was more of) and she saved Amsterdam. Later "New Amsterdam" is New York and a cop and a beautiful girl either fall in love or they work together?

I've got no clue about this show seeing as I just found it but it's a drama show it says so I figured; since I've got a little bit of dutch roots (dated a dutch hottie) I might as well explore it and see what it's all about. It's from FOX too which is surprising considering the name made it seem like it could have been a British show.

If you can watch Hulu in your country (most of which won't be able to without running it through an anonymous proxy of some sort), you can watch all the episodes for free here.