Job hunting: Day 3

Today I took the assessment test for Nexxlinx (I'll have to edit the other posts later to match their way of spelling it) and I scored rather well. I scored at 51 WPM!

The assessment was LONG. It took me 3 hours and 48 minutes to complete it. I got an application afterwards from the front desk and the girl at the front desk said that they don't have any classes for the Time Warner Cable position until next month but that they will call me for an interview when classes become available. At least the good thing is; I've got watch it takes for it because you had to scored about 25 WPM for the typing part of it and the rest of it; I'm pretty confident that I did well enough on those too.

It ended up becoming a rather great day for me today. I had a good time meeting a very kind lady sitting beside me in the computer lab where we were all doing our tests. She was very helpful and the kind of lady that you would want to talk to about your kids and your soccer games. It's always refreshing to see people like that where ever you go.

I'm still going to apply for Big Lots in October if I don't get the Nexxlinx position; otherwise I will focus on the job that hires me first. It's a first come; first serve basis in this department.

From the looks of the test; in the Time Warner Cable department I would be helping customers with there services as well as selling them special offers or helping them with the benefits of discounts. Sounds like a somewhat difficult situation but I have faith that if they hired me; I could do it!

Keep your fingers crossed everyone! I haven't received a call back from any other place but I'm hoping that I will get an interview somewhere around here. I really really need the job right now.