Job hunting: Day 2

So today marks my second attempt to apply for jobs. Later this week I will try for NexxLinx which is hiring for inbound calls through Time Warner Cable (dealing with disconnections and lowering bills) and it requires a 1-hr self assessment, then an interview, and then hopefully you either get the job or you don't.

I applied at Peebles (clothing store) and at Monster's Pizza today. They always look at me funny like I'm doing something wrong; either way. I tried to get an application from Big Lots and the girl that told me they would have one printed out for me today lied. There were none and I was told to try back in October because they would most likely be hiring for the season then. I really don't want to wait that long but I guess you take what you get.

I called McDonald's at the girl "Jen" was a major bitch to me and said that "Well, she checks them all throughout the week and she'll call you if she's interested". So much for kind people and people say it's easier to get a job there; ha. What a fucking joke.

Still, I digress and I'm not going to give up. I still got NexxLinx and all the places I applied for. I called Rite Aid and the manager said due to the truck (stocking) today; she won't be able to look through the applications until Thursday but at least she gave me a date as to when she will have a look at it.

There aren't any other options in terms of jobs when it comes to this area; I'm lucky that there is even a plaza down my street within walking distance. If it weren't for that, I couldn't really apply anywhere but at Rite Aid and McDonald's which isn't my first round at trying to apply there. It's been a battle these past two days but I believe in time, something good will come of it. I have to believe.