Job hunting: Day 1

So today I started job hunting and put in one application at Rite Aid while several others were either out of applications or weren't hiring.

I visited almost every single store I could get to in walking distance and they were either closing up for the day; out of applications and not hiring; or just out of applications. I won't give up though.

McDonald's hasn't contacted me yet but I will be calling tomorrow morning to speak to the manager about my application process. I'm hoping for some good news.

Monster's Pizza is currently only hiring for drivers but the manager told me to stop by tomorrow and he would hopefully have some applications printed out for me so I can still apply anyway. NexLinx was closed but luckily, they are hiring so I will be stopping by tomorrow hopefully on my way to Monster's Pizza.

Big Lots only has applications online, so I'll be applying to that shortly and Dollar General was neither hiring or had any applications.

To top it off, a lot of those people in the plaza are semi-racist. It's mostly populated by African Americans and most of them give me an evil eye. Look, I'm not the one that brought slavery or anything, I can't help I'm a white boy but whatever. Either way, a little hope to get me home is all I need. I've done all the walking and shit I'm going to do today.

It's now 8:36pm here and I'm beat. Tomorrow is a new day full of exciting phone calls and one trip to Monster's Pizza and possibly NexxLinx to fill out an application (if they have any) and I've got to check up on Rite Aid as well. Keep your fingers crossed everyone!

I really need a j-o-b. Badly.

UPDATE: For the Big Lots job, I tried to apply tonight online and the site isn't correctly updated with their location but I called and requested an application for tomorrow so they will be printing them tonight. I'll be applying in store tomorrow.


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