It's official, I'm 22

So I've been negative about turning such an age but now that the day has come, I feel like it's time to embrace it. Might as well; right?

This time around, there will be no sad night with too much to drink, a bad appetite, and a sad story to tell my parents the next day. Just me, school, a little shopping hopefully thanks to a good friend of mine, and a few moments to reflect on my dreams.

These past few days I've been having some intense sexual dreams. I can't describe where they are coming from but they are happening more and more often and each time it's with someone I either met or someone I know personally (guy of course because I am gay after all). 

Still it's strange to see people in such a manner and to be doing something that I only want to do between me and the guy I'm with; monogamy is important to me and I know at least one friend of mine that could agree. 

I suppose though that these dreams are merely pure fantasy for me to enjoy but I'm not sure if I want to always think of these people this way. It's a bit weird for me sometimes and sometimes I just don't see the purpose of it. Sex is fun but it's not final. I must remember that.



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