The demise of MySpace

So it appears that MySpace has died (literally) tonight. If you're still up at the moment; go check it and see what I mean by this first sentence.

MySpace for years has battled itself and the vast attacks that tonight Tom Anderson on Google+ confirmed. The new owners have high hopes for pushing the site into a pleasant direction but this will take time.

They will have to learn what they need to do to make it a better experience for users and they will have to design the site in such a way to make it more like what users want. Simple but edgy, secure, fast, and effective at doing what the user wants to do.

Cheers to MySpace. We will see it have a comeback someday, and I am certain that when that day comes, all of the years of horror with MySpace will finally be laid to rest and a fresh new start will have arrived.

UPDATE: It appears MySpace is running again and still looking the same as always. It does appear to be running a little bit faster than it did prior to the attack.



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