Chrome sounds

It's rather amazing the things that you can do with Chrome OS and Chrome browser but little did some know; Google created a jokingly awesome extension which will give your browser or Chrome OS new life and truly opens up the potential to do some amazing things through sound.

It uses the HTML5 audio tag and samples from to bring in the joys of browsing on a Chrome OS device or any device using the Chrome browser.

Though it was only meant to be an April Fool's joke last year; it was a brilliant joke that could actually turn into an amazing user experience for people who are new to the Chrome OS experience and for some of us who appreciate sounds.

I've submitted feedback about this and I encourage all of you who use Chrome OS or the Chrome browser to do the same. We need to add some spice to this OS and I think sounds would be a perfect addition.

If you want to try it out right now; visit this link and install it. You will be glad you did!


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