British shows

So Hulu is home to hundreds if not thousands of shows from all across the globe but today I was introduced to a comedy show straight from the BBC called "Whites" and felt I had to share some thoughts about it.

I really like British humor and I love that a lot of British shows are popping up here in the states. I think more European shows means more insight into learning more about both the cultures of Europe but how we look at ourselves here and how we do things differently but relatively the same for the most part.

British people have always made me laugh and not because of some of the deeper accents but because British humor has such a dry and sarcastic approach that truly brilliant minds tend to understand it better than new comers.

I've been a fan of East Enders since I was in sixth grade. I remember seeing it on public channels like PBS, UNC-TV, and a few other public spots. Though it was more like a soap opera; I still liked it just because of the accents. It wasn't overly dramatic either which made it easy to watch for me as a young teen. I also loved watching old episodes of Are You Being Served? and I remember sharing thoughts on those episodes with an old friend of mine back in the day.

Ahh, the joys of television.