Beat the pot of resolve

So today wasn't the greatest day I've had in awhile but at least I've got Velveeta to comfort my tummy. Believe it or not; I haven't ate anything since around Sunday evening. I know, starving isn't a good thing but given our tough situation; it's what you do at times until the good stuff comes around again. I may not like the cooking part lately because I'm pretty tired but at least I've got something to keep me tender.

I'm getting a lot of really good feedback on my cover of "Fix You" and I'm quite happy about it. I was trying not to cry during the recording of it because when I cry; my vocals go to shit. I can't help but cry every time I hear the song's lyrics though. I relate to it in every way and I've been through a lot of what the song implies. It's a song that has been dear to my heart for a very long time and I felt I wanted to cover it because I wanted people to hear my voice in its serious state. I think now that my confidence is coming back, I'm learning to channel more of myself into my vocals and really focus on what matters to me. Being completely naked before the people and empowering myself through words.

So I've yet to receive any phone calls today which is common ground but I did manage to get information on a position over at NexxLinx and they are hiring too! I just hope that they will hire ME versus some other guy/girl or other (if it exists because Lord knows, I'm the only one in this town that is ballsy enough to be myself) and I'm hoping to apply for it later this week.

Not sure what the 1 hr. self assessment is for but I'll do it if it means food in my tummy and bills paid. Gotta do what you gotta do. It's either that or become a hooker and honestly; I don't see myself hooking over here. I kid, I kid. Still, it's not an easy place to have success unless your in the military. So for you Europeans out there that come to America in search of foreign affairs; stay out of NC. New York and California are more likely your places for finding great successes. NC is a shit ball. Just saying.