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Chrome sounds

It's rather amazing the things that you can do with Chrome OS and Chrome browser but little did some know; Google created a jokingly awesome extension which will give your browser or Chrome OS new life and truly opens up the potential to do some amazing things through sound.

It uses the HTML5 audio tag and samples from to bring in the joys of browsing on a Chrome OS device or any device using the Chrome browser.

Though it was only meant to be an April Fool's joke last year; it was a brilliant joke that could actually turn into an amazing user experience for people who are new to the Chrome OS experience and for some of us who appreciate sounds.

I've submitted feedback about this and I encourage all of you who use Chrome OS or the Chrome browser to do the same. We need to add some spice to this OS and I think sounds would be a perfect addition.

If you want to try it out right now; visit this link and install it. You will be glad you did!

Job hunting: Day 3

Today I took the assessment test for Nexxlinx (I'll have to edit the other posts later to match their way of spelling it) and I scored rather well. I scored at 51 WPM!

The assessment was LONG. It took me 3 hours and 48 minutes to complete it. I got an application afterwards from the front desk and the girl at the front desk said that they don't have any classes for the Time Warner Cable position until next month but that they will call me for an interview when classes become available. At least the good thing is; I've got watch it takes for it because you had to scored about 25 WPM for the typing part of it and the rest of it; I'm pretty confident that I did well enough on those too.

It ended up becoming a rather great day for me today. I had a good time meeting a very kind lady sitting beside me in the computer lab where we were all doing our tests. She was very helpful and the kind of lady that you would want to talk to about your kids and your soccer games. It's…

Go mobile: 3G sites for everyone

Below is a list of all the Google Mobile sites I have found. You can copy and paste these URL's into your bookmark manager and save them for later use when you need them while using 3G data.

Please note that this list may get updated from time to time to include the right links. If one isn't working for you; leave me a comment on this post and I'll try to find one that works.

Here is the full list I have so far:

Google Buzz
Google Reader
Google News
Google Docs
Google (Search)
Google Talk
Google Translate
Google Places (Also known as Google Maps)
Google Groups
Google Books
Google Voice
Google Calendar

If you know of more Google mobile sites or any others that will work on the Chrome browser on Chrome OS and other operating systems. Leave them in the comments below.

Here are some extra mobile sites you can use vs. the full desktop versions:

eBuddy Messenger
The Weather Channel
Weather Undergrou…

Beat the pot of resolve

So today wasn't the greatest day I've had in awhile but at least I've got Velveeta to comfort my tummy. Believe it or not; I haven't ate anything since around Sunday evening. I know, starving isn't a good thing but given our tough situation; it's what you do at times until the good stuff comes around again. I may not like the cooking part lately because I'm pretty tired but at least I've got something to keep me tender.

I'm getting a lot of really good feedback on my cover of "Fix You" and I'm quite happy about it. I was trying not to cry during the recording of it because when I cry; my vocals go to shit. I can't help but cry every time I hear the song's lyrics though. I relate to it in every way and I've been through a lot of what the song implies. It's a song that has been dear to my heart for a very long time and I felt I wanted to cover it because I wanted people to hear my voice in its serious state. I think now t…

Job hunting: Day 2

So today marks my second attempt to apply for jobs. Later this week I will try for NexxLinx which is hiring for inbound calls through Time Warner Cable (dealing with disconnections and lowering bills) and it requires a 1-hr self assessment, then an interview, and then hopefully you either get the job or you don't.

I applied at Peebles (clothing store) and at Monster's Pizza today. They always look at me funny like I'm doing something wrong; either way. I tried to get an application from Big Lots and the girl that told me they would have one printed out for me today lied. There were none and I was told to try back in October because they would most likely be hiring for the season then. I really don't want to wait that long but I guess you take what you get.

I called McDonald's at the girl "Jen" was a major bitch to me and said that "Well, she checks them all throughout the week and she'll call you if she's interested". So much for kind pe…

Fix You (Coldplay Cover)

DOWNLOAD it here.

Job hunting: Day 1

So today I started job hunting and put in one application at Rite Aid while several others were either out of applications or weren't hiring.

I visited almost every single store I could get to in walking distance and they were either closing up for the day; out of applications and not hiring; or just out of applications. I won't give up though.

McDonald's hasn't contacted me yet but I will be calling tomorrow morning to speak to the manager about my application process. I'm hoping for some good news.

Monster's Pizza is currently only hiring for drivers but the manager told me to stop by tomorrow and he would hopefully have some applications printed out for me so I can still apply anyway. NexLinx was closed but luckily, they are hiring so I will be stopping by tomorrow hopefully on my way to Monster's Pizza.

Big Lots only has applications online, so I'll be applying to that shortly and Dollar General was neither hiring or had any applications.

To top it …

Time Out From The World (Goldfrapp Cover)

I only did it for fun so it's not perfect. Get the original track from Goldfrapp via iTunes or Amazon and show your support for one of the greatest musical talents out there.
DOWNLOAD it here.

Chrome OS now has .zip and .rar support

Though this is great, some are having trouble getting it to work properly; here's a small step-by-step on fixing that issue.

Here's how to enable unzipping of .zip and .rar files in Chrome OS:

(works on the Beta and Developer channel)

2. From there, type in experimental_storage enable
3. Type exit and then you've got unzip enabled

Keep in mind that this is still a work in progress but nonetheless, it's making it easier for us to unzip .zip and .rar files on Chrome OS. The Archives folder is a read-only folder (not sure why) so it may make things difficult to adjust to at first.

UPDATE: While this feature is now working, two problems occur. Deleting a .zip file or .rar file is not yet possible when trying to do so through the Archives folder, however, deleting them from the File Shelf is possible as with any other file you download. You also cannot currently copy and paste to or from the Archives folder.

New Amsterdam

So I was browsing through show listings on Hulu and found one that struck me with interest. It's called "New Amsterdam" and it portrays a soldier from way back in the day who risked his life for a native american girl whom was being attacked (her tribe was more of) and she saved Amsterdam. Later "New Amsterdam" is New York and a cop and a beautiful girl either fall in love or they work together?

I've got no clue about this show seeing as I just found it but it's a drama show it says so I figured; since I've got a little bit of dutch roots (dated a dutch hottie) I might as well explore it and see what it's all about. It's from FOX too which is surprising considering the name made it seem like it could have been a British show.

If you can watch Hulu in your country (most of which won't be able to without running it through an anonymous proxy of some sort), you can watch all the episodes for free here.


British shows

So Hulu is home to hundreds if not thousands of shows from all across the globe but today I was introduced to a comedy show straight from the BBC called "Whites" and felt I had to share some thoughts about it.

I really like British humor and I love that a lot of British shows are popping up here in the states. I think more European shows means more insight into learning more about both the cultures of Europe but how we look at ourselves here and how we do things differently but relatively the same for the most part.

British people have always made me laugh and not because of some of the deeper accents but because British humor has such a dry and sarcastic approach that truly brilliant minds tend to understand it better than new comers.

I've been a fan of East Enders since I was in sixth grade. I remember seeing it on public channels like PBS, UNC-TV, and a few other public spots. Though it was more like a soap opera; I still liked it just because of the accents. It wasn&…

A new show on Hulu

Sadly this will only work for U.S. users but hopefully Hulu will stop being anal and give some international love eventually. YouTube still needs to make their entire site international friendly. Just saying.

So a few minutes ago, I stumbled upon a brand new show offered on Hulu called "A Day In The Life" which follows prestigious people all over the world to show you how they live and what they do everyday in their busy lives. The first episode has the respectable Mr. Richard Branson whom owns several businesses and non-profits and is most notably part of the Virgin line of business.

You know, I normally don't follow shows on Hulu unless I really like them but this one seems interesting. I love reality shows that show you how someone lives or how different life is on their side. Plus I love hearing British accents.

Hopefully this video will play but if it doesn't, click on the title (I believe it will show) and you will be taken to the page to play it there. Enjoy!

Nosy family and school meets

Tonight I went to school and had a pretty good time. I met a wonderful teacher named Debbie who was really polite and helpful and she is about to be 40. I told her; 40 is the new 20, so be sure to love it and she does :)

I'm about to make spaghetti for dinner and I've only had a honey bun at school today with a Pepsi. Both costs $1. I remember when honey buns only cost 75 cent or sometimes; 50 cents.
As we came home tonight, the stop light on the other side of our intersection by our house was jammed and stuck on red. My dad was frustrated and decided to turn anyways and I'm glad he did or else we would still be waiting for it to change right now. No worries though; I made it my duty to call the police department about it and they said they'll be sending out a cop soon to check it out. Branni saves the night! Meanwhile, my dad sat in the living room for at least 30 minutes staring out the windows to see if the cop was coming to have a look at the stoplight and he was c…


I decided to go a little bit mainstream and start using SoundCloud. I've noticed many collaborators, musicians, and producers use SoundCloud and I felt it was time to take aim at it's potential in my life.

If you look to the right of this page; you will see a place for producers to submit music to me. This is a way for me to begin collaborations with those out there that harness the skills at which I don't have right now. So if you know any producers who might have the skills needed to empower my music and bring something unique to the table; visit the link and send it to them.

It doesn't matter where they are. The important factor is getting my voice heard. Will you help me do that? Pretty please with cherries on top??


Ditch fit

So it appears EVERYONE that I have tried to make plans with is ditching me or not responding after some time after making plans with me. It's pissing me off.

Why the fuck would you make plans with me and then randomly not show up on EVERY occasion? Are you fucking brain dead?

Either way, I'm sick and tired of it. You can say people don't like to be around me and that's why I'm anti-social now but the truth is; I'm not anti-social by choice. I have to be because if not; I'm going to keep getting burned like this by people and I'm FUCKING tired of it.


It makes you feel like sex

So today I walked down the street to grab a bag of goodies from Rite Aid and on my way back; a truck full of really hot guys drove by while the guys were waving to me, whistling at me and calling me sexy.

It was that gesture that made me realize; I still got that spark. I haven't been able to see that for awhile but it was nice to get hit on for once. It hardly ever happens these days, so when it does, I love it.

Now if only it could be a truck full of super cute European guys then I feel like I've won over the world.

PS: If anyone can telepathically get me all of those guys numbers; let me know. Would be fun to play in the field for a bit ;)


Every Little Thought: Volume One

It contains explicit content (gay sex) so if you're offended by it; don't read it.

You can get it here.

(Please note it's only available for 30 days and I will send it via e-mail to those who request it)

UPDATE: The download included is now a re-edit of the book. It should be typo free but if it isn't, please report this to me and I will go through the necessary measures to fix it.

Feel my out of tune

The demise of MySpace

So it appears that MySpace has died (literally) tonight. If you're still up at the moment; go check it and see what I mean by this first sentence.

MySpace for years has battled itself and the vast attacks that tonight Tom Anderson on Google+ confirmed. The new owners have high hopes for pushing the site into a pleasant direction but this will take time.

They will have to learn what they need to do to make it a better experience for users and they will have to design the site in such a way to make it more like what users want. Simple but edgy, secure, fast, and effective at doing what the user wants to do.

Cheers to MySpace. We will see it have a comeback someday, and I am certain that when that day comes, all of the years of horror with MySpace will finally be laid to rest and a fresh new start will have arrived.

UPDATE: It appears MySpace is running again and still looking the same as always. It does appear to be running a little bit faster than it did prior to the attack.

The recent bug that was found to have opened Google+ via clicking the title of the post; is fixed as well as the issue with comments not working. You can now comment and flawlessly use everything on my blog without an issue.

Thank you to Brian Lewisfor helping me kink out this little bug.

Now, back to posting, yah?


Heart (Lyrics)

Will I ever be, good enough?
Why do people desert me so much?
Does it, does it ever get better than this?

I've tried and cried out just to see your face, your face.
I've missed and gave my last kiss, just to lose, just to lose.
I've been in my hole, can't let go, within.

Exposed heart, where do I start to feel again?
Exposed heart, will I start to heal again?

Cause I've been waiting, I've been waiting too long.
I've been hurting, Oh I've been hurting alone.

Will I ever be, what you want of me?
Does it matter anymore, who I am, who I am?

I've lost and lost so much.
I've been stuck without that touch, that touch.
You know, the one that takes you in.
The one that makes you believe again.

Exposed heart, where do I start to feel again, feel again?
Exposed heart, will I start to heal again?

Cause I've been waiting, I've been waiting too long.
I've been hurting, Oh I've been hurting alone.

Sit in my bed, tears that dread to fall down.

There is a reason for my behavior

It starts with the array of bullshit that people will tell me followed by their lack of class and their insane way to populate their friendships.

I was at first okay with the idea of hanging out with someone from my past but it's clear tonight that the reason I left is because we're two different people and I'm not okay with being around the crazy shit again.

First off, I think it's great that you've got a job and all and I am proud of you for that. I'm not proud of you for turning back into the same person that I try not to be. You're dating 2 guys? Do yourself a favor and just pick one otherwise you're just going to get wrapped up in another situation that you already went through and we know how awful that turned out.

The fact that your sex life is so far promiscuous that even a porn star looks like a virgin is sad. I'm not sure if you're hurting somewhere in there but I really hope that you don't catch a disease one of these days from sl…

An instrumental I made from loops

The best shoes I've ever bought

Apologies for the pixels. My cam isn't that great at taking pictures.

Goldfrapp+Madonna inspired

For the auto trash

My all time favorite 80s song

For the inner weirdo

Hipster says yes

Vanessa Carlton

I don't normally talk about albums that I'm inspired by or ones that amaze me but this is one of those posts.
I recommend Vanessa Carlton's new album "Rabbits on the Run" not only because it was produced by Stevie Nicks but it will show you a new side to Vanessa Carlton.
The album is an art form. It's truly embodying the essence of Vanessa's art and it's a great creation of Stevie Nicks. It proves to people like myself who struggle with musical inspiration that if it comes from the heart; it doesn't fail.
Stream the entire album via her MySpace page @
Be sure to click on "Rabbits on the Run" to listen to the album in it's entirety. It's now available on iTunes.

Blog changes (UPDATED)

As many of you may have noticed, the site toolbar has been updated and a new search box has been added.

Over the coming days, I will be updating the look and feel of my blog to reflect a more up-to-date look that I feel is time to work on.

I have a poll on the right-hand side that I would like for you all to consider voting on. It's important because it will determine what my readers would like while on my blog.

Please feel free to leave me a voice message as well or if you have questions; rather than e-mailing me, you can simply leave a voice message and I can respond to you via a phone call, text, or if your e-mail is on file; an e-mail.

UPDATE: A +1 button is now available on the site toolbar. Use this button to like a certain post on the blog. Sharing is disabled by Google by default for blogs that are not public.


Want to learn about Chromebook and Chrome OS?

There are many sites to achieve learning more about Chromebook and Chrome OS but none of them are personal people who actually use both products. They usually consist of blogging companies or writers who are using it just to promote the product and to make themselves look like avid supporters.

AC Monroe offers a blog that is rich in posts and talks about things that many of you have questions about with these two products. For example; What are web apps and how do they work on Chrome OS? or What's a good alternative to Netflix for Chrome OS?

A lot of questions can be answered from his blog about it as well as anything else; be sure to spread the word about him and send him a tweet as well; he won't mind and unlike many of the other blogs out there; he will actually respond to you.

You can check out his blog for more info on Chromebook and Chrome OS as well as other things dealing with these wonderful products by visiting his blog here:

Sleeping will always be my vice.

It's official, I'm 22

So I've been negative about turning such an age but now that the day has come, I feel like it's time to embrace it. Might as well; right?
This time around, there will be no sad night with too much to drink, a bad appetite, and a sad story to tell my parents the next day. Just me, school, a little shopping hopefully thanks to a good friend of mine, and a few moments to reflect on my dreams.
These past few days I've been having some intense sexual dreams. I can't describe where they are coming from but they are happening more and more often and each time it's with someone I either met or someone I know personally (guy of course because I am gay after all). 
Still it's strange to see people in such a manner and to be doing something that I only want to do between me and the guy I'm with; monogamy is important to me and I know at least one friend of mine that could agree. 
I suppose though that these dreams are merely pure fantasy for me to enjoy but I'm no…

Mobile version

Recently while editing my blog settings and such I stumbled across a great feature that I never thought would be offered for free.

The ability to have a mobile template for your blog.

I chose one and would like to invite my readers to come take a look at it on their mobile devices. Let me know your thoughts in the comments below.