True love comes in the shape of a candle

Recently I received a package from one of my most loving of friends. In this package was something that I was shocked by because never in my life have I ever found love in a material way nor had I known that it was even in existence beyond my conversations and my sweet memories.

I would open the box to find a beautifully written card which made me tear up, quite a few amazing trinkets and delights and my most prized moment; a beautiful candle for my mother.

Knowing where I stand, I know even though this is a friendship; I feel your love and it smells like a dream to me, one I don't ever want to let go of. I could cry deeply right now in joy from this beautiful gift but I am going to try not to, I don't want us to be like two school girls who just got suspended for checking out the boys in the locker room.

No, what I want, so badly is to telepathically teleport myself to you and give you a million kisses and hugs until you just can't stand it anymore!

This is the most beautiful and thoughtful thing ANYONE has ever done for me in my life. I've never had such love given to me even now in a way that you care so much as to remember such delicate things that even I sometimes lose touch with.

It's true, true love comes in the shape of a candle for me. I can't deny it is there and I can't hide behind the light. I know it's scary sometimes but this is the love I have looked for. This is the man I fell in love with and I'm so proud to see he is still alive and well.

God really blessed me when he brought you to me those 3 years ago. I couldn't of asked for a more bittersweet moment than this.

Thank you from the bottom to the top to the soul of me Bastiaan Sander. You're the most loving and caring guy I have ever met and to know that even though we overthrown some boundaries; you still share a love for me that can't be replaced nor denied. Even in friendship, I feel like my life is falling into a miracle. Please, never lose this side of you. It's the most beautiful thing you have and I cherish it with every piece of me. You are truly the most amazing soul God ever created. I love you dear and now I can see a strong reminder that you love me too.

With Love and Kisses and Hugs,
Brandon M. Whaley


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