Like vs. Plus

The war has begun. While many are out there using Facebook; several of us have departed ways for a better social experience. Google+

Google+ has many advances that some sites just don't yet have. Hangouts being an example (though Mark Zuckerberg has been on Google+ stealing ideas from Hangouts so he can implement it into his Facebook platform)

Contrary from the fact that many say it was already in the making; I concur that he was waiting for the time when he could try and do an "Look at ours, it's better" type of promotion on his pathetic product.

As you can tell, I am not fond of Facebook, especially after learning that my data is being sold to third parties and the government AND that Microsoft has basically weaved it's way into building a super anti-trust form within the Facebook platform. Little do you 'like' people out there know; you're not only being watched but your being profited from as well.

Google+ doesn't sell your data and it doesn't even have advertisements like Facebook or MySpace does. You have way more privacy and it's extremely simple in comparison to Facebook which has over 40 settings in a scattered form.

Just think, with Facebook integrating Video chat soon; now the government and Microsoft can all sit back at their cubicles and watch your every conversation and then use it to their advantage and of course; Facebook won't do a thing about it because they're in it for the money. Greedy low-lives.

It will take me centuries to fully depart considering that my wall posts have been going on for several years now and with Facebook; there is no deleting data at the click of a button; it simply disables your account while they are allowed to use your data and sell your name to companies all over the world for their own gain. Look it up in the terms; you'll see it clearly just how stupid people really are these days.

Well anyway, enough of the hate mail here. I'd like to introduce to you a site that I think is absolutely genius. It's called Like vs. Plus and it is a vote that will determine what people really like.

It's self explainitory but you basically either click the like button or the +1 button in support of your social stance. So if you're on Facebook's side because you're evil like that; click the like button and if you're glad your data isn't being sold anymore because you have Google+ then you should click the +1 button.

So far as of this post; +1 is winning and I have to say; It's about time. Google was around way before Facebook was; people should remember that.

Ciao ciao.


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