Like a speed of venom

So I've always noticed I have the issue of either one of two things.

Dating someone who lives too far away or dating someone who isn't mature enough to comprehend what I put out. I'm a simple and yet complex person; this isn't something new.

It's hard to find people who relate as well. I usually relate on most things that people can relate on but I have rarely related on religious views or politics (though I'm not into politics; I see no point)

The way I look at it is I don't want to spend my adult life searching for what I had but rather waiting for what is yet to be had. I want to start a career and a life for myself that I was able to build on my own.

I'm an independent person for the most part and to allow someone in to help me isn't an easy thing. I don't even like accepting offers but I will given the fact that it's out of respect for the person and their generous approach.

A good reason why I don't sleep with people when I'm in love (or hardly) is because I'm not fond of myself due to the past types of people I dated. Some were abusive and others were just completely insane.

I am putting my past behind me though because I know it doesn't help fix anything and it will hold me back. Love is a touchy subject for everyone and people misguide it too often.

Love isn't just a person, place or thing. It is a form inside us that creates our future. It shapes us into whom we were called to be from the beginning of our birth.

My issue is figuring out when and where mine is going to show. Instead of asking for love; I want to give love. I want to be part of the movement that makes things better for people through positive thinking and the gift of perseverance.

We are first humans but we will always be spirits last. Remember this.

Ciao ciao.


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