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Some of you know my love for Google goes beyond web apps and e-mail. It starts from the first day I started using Google's search engine. It was late 1999 and I started to get to know Google for the first time. It was simple, fast, and brought more relevant results.

Yahoo! used to be the star but it lost when it gave up on itself. Take a look at their web messenger for example; damn page hasn't been updated since 2007.

Anyway, I bestow unto you my greatest gift of tidings. My Google+ link. It's my home. The only place I post most besides this blog. I don't even hardly use my Twitter anymore because I love it so much. It's truly a great place and anyone who doesn't join; you may just miss me someday.

Join me: Google+

UPDATE: Join me on Google+ via the link at the very top of this blog!


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