I hate cliche movies

Tonight I was reminded why I don't watch gay films. I rather fancy the realism that a workout body, super flamboyant persona, and manly clothing isn't as common as they make it seem.

You never see many people like myself who are more on the alternative side of fashion. Wearing whatever feels comfortable; not worrying about trips to some stupid gym, and gawking at guys that look like GQ models vs. the ones that look NORMAL on the outside and not like they belong in porn.

It's fine for some people but I highly doubt that I see myself with a porn looking dumb dumb who thinks that stereotypes are the thing to achieve. Almost every gay movie I've seen has nothing but men that look like they are 'too good to be true' or 'porn savy' because they look like something that my world has yet to prove. There isn't abs on the entire planet and not every gay man looks like they could model for GQ and Falcon.

My point being is that if I'm going to date ever again; I want a guy that isn't raised to be a picture perfect example. I want flaws. I want a little bit of out of shapeness. I want to look at them and see a little bit of myself in them.

Anyway, guess this is something to wish for but since when is it so prominent that looking like a model all the time is important? How come there isn't any films so far in the gay genre that indicate us normal build folks out there? Isn't there room for us in your stereotypical drama infused planet of erotica and endless dating?

I don't want to spend my life looking for the match; I want to spend it lighting it up instead.


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