To my readers, I've not forgotten about you. I just haven't blogged a lot.

Recently I was invited to Google+ and since I signed up for it; I am in love. Google+ has so many amazing features and a lot of them could be used in a multipurpose way. Google Hangouts are my favorite though in the stage it is in right now, there is a LOT of work ahead before it will be ready for primetime.

Though Google+ has apparently been opened up for Google accounts (as far as I've heard and witnessed)

So if you have a Google account; just login with it and you can have a profile on Google+ a social network for people with simple thoughts.

Circles is rather nifty too because it provides us with a way to organize our friends and unlike Facebook; it actually does it in a simple way. The animations can't be copied.

I am debating but soon I will be slowly fading out my Facebook account in return for a new social experience with Google+ and considering that I am a Google tester; it would make more sense to continue on using my favorite products with someone I agree with. Facebook is basically Microsoft due to the fact that they have strong ties and Skype is linked to Microsoft as well which is why I dumped Skype for Google Talk.

A lot of people wonder what the difference is; the only way is to go and see for yourself. You will be in love when you get there. It's truly an amazing place and a lot more friendlier than Facebook; whom is copying Google Hangouts with Skype integration next week on their site. No originality. At least Google+ is original. It is definitely not another Facebook type of site. It's way better than that.