Duke and John the Baptist

Tonight was by far the weirdest paranormal experience I had ever experienced in my life. My dad also felt something at the same time.

I was asleep and was dreaming of a cathedral and someone was being baptized; I saw a book and it was a book I had seen before and it said something about Duke and John the Baptist. I've been researching and all I have found was a cathedral in Norwich that kind of resembles what I thought I had seen. I felt a warm hand on my side and was unable to move barely for a minute. I immediately reacted and start citing "Stop in the name of Jesus Christ" and it went away.

I'm not sure if it's a sign or not but my dad felt a water drop on his neck earlier (no water leaking or anything anywhere) and then he went back to sleep and felt another water drop on his neck. He can't explain it either but stated that he had been praying for a sign from God that my family was okay (the ones who have passed).

I don't know what to take of this but something has to come of it given the fact that I went through it. It has to mean something or have been a part of someone or something trying to contact me. I hope that I will know the answer in time but even if I don't, I just know that this is a memory I won't forget. The weirdest part is the fact that it happened at the same time that my dad felt something and we both woke up at the same time.

Perhaps my Grandfather came to let us know he is okay? Perhaps my mother visited me to let me know that she is okay? Whatever it was, I can't ignore the fact that I had something strange happen and I can't ignore the fact that whatever it was, it was real because I felt it. The hand, I could feel it as if it were a human hand touching me.

Either way, this is definitely something to think about.

Ciao ciao.


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