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In the future

Insulting a Google+ user will go something like this:

Beau: I hate you.

Jamie: Go plus yourself noob face!

It's simple really, people will resort to using Google terms in fights while Facebook will still be learning how to implement group video chat.

Might as well reveal it (UPDATED)

Since I already know what I got myself for my birthday this year on eBay. I wanted something that would last. What better option than to get a couple of stylish things I like?

Boho shirt

Stop necklace

Tibetan bracelet

Saber gray boots

Samson  Q2U Recording USB/XLR Microphone & Headphones

I figured I would show what I decided to get mainly because some people wanted to know what my style is going to be like soon. Keep in mind the shirt won't blend well the the red necklace; so it's not going to be worn with it but rather the bracelet will compliment it for now. I plan to build my personal collection of jewelry and boho chic styled apparel soon. I find it suits me well.

Wise words

If you can't handle me at my worst, you don't deserve me at my best.
Update: This has nothing to do with you (you know who you are)

To break the glass of decency

I give, this:

Join me on Google+

Some of you know my love for Google goes beyond web apps and e-mail. It starts from the first day I started using Google's search engine. It was late 1999 and I started to get to know Google for the first time. It was simple, fast, and brought more relevant results.

Yahoo! used to be the star but it lost when it gave up on itself. Take a look at their web messenger for example; damn page hasn't been updated since 2007.

Anyway, I bestow unto you my greatest gift of tidings. My Google+ link. It's my home. The only place I post most besides this blog. I don't even hardly use my Twitter anymore because I love it so much. It's truly a great place and anyone who doesn't join; you may just miss me someday.

Join me: Google+

UPDATE: Join me on Google+ via the link at the very top of this blog!

Great cover

Anberlin; a personal favorite from my teen years does a great cover of Depeche Mode's song Enjoy The Silence and I'm just in love with it.

Google has a point about e-mail

It's very true. Most providers are out of date and lack modern functionality. 
That's why I use Gmail. With Gmail I can call and receive calls from friends and family. I can instant message, post status updates to my Buzz account, group chat, video chat, and audio chat.
Can your e-mail do that?
Take a look at the following promo video below. Let's get e-mail back to the way it was meant to be; fun and useful and not full of bloated "apps" that are from places you don't use.

People have small hearts

Or at least this one would conclude it valid. I only had one offer to help collaborate on my track and yet my track base was listened to 18 times and downloaded 2 times.

I made it clear that my next track will take time given the nature of what I'm trying to accomplish with it but I fear it may not start for an even longer span of time. I must call upon fellow producers for help because my equipment is dead.

The other day, the equipment I used gave up on me and since that has been the case; I've been relying upon fellow producers to help me form the rest of the song. It's not something I'm taking lightly and it's sad to see that so little are in support of it given the factor that I'm dedicating it to Norway.

Call me dumb but once upon a time, people did kind things for each other. People weren't snobbish and keeping secret with music; they spread collaboration because with one talent; another one combined could form a multi-vortex of possibilities.

I know …

Setting an unrealistic goal

Many people have dared to say that my goals are unrealistic and naive but I beg to differ. I want to follow my dream; not lose it.

Today I was sitting in my living room as it was silent as usual. I instantly felt the urge to cut up an empty soda bottle (after washing it of course) and putting every bit of change I could find into it.

I know that it will take me years to get it built up but I want to start now so that in that time when it's enough; I can finally visit the land I have wanted to visit since I was a lot younger. I want to see what life is like their, smell the smell of liberalism, and enjoy the amazement of seeing foreign art and faces I've never knew of before.

I suspect by the time I am in Europe; I will be 25 or a little bit older. After 28; I won't be able to make it because my passport (which I never got to use) will expire then. Until I can use it before it expires; it will remain useless as it has since I first got it.

Today is one of those slow days wh…

This reminds me of a certain kitty I know of


Worry, worry, worry

So apparently we could lose the ability to drive considering that our insurance company surprised my dad with a renewal fee that he can't pay. $70 every six months? Plus the insurance fee for the prior month he just paid.

Food wise, we're barely able to make ends meet. Seems that his paycheck isn't enough to cover anything hardly. Just lost our phone today because he's down to $60 for the month; no TV (not complaining about that because it's not me who cares for it to be honest) and then our internet bill is coming up.

I keep saying it time and time again in my head. I feel like I might have to resort to doing things I got out of before; just to help out. Problem is; I can't afford the trouble of it and living here where I can't do it because I live in a cop filled neighborhood makes it even harder to think of ways to help make it easier on us. I just hope that these Beverly Hills people are thankful of all those nice luxuries they have while my dad is work…

So maybe there are gay people like me

I stumbled upon a awesome indie film which is titled Fat Girls and it actually seems more like the type of gay that I see myself as. I know, labels are dumb but let's be honest, everyone ends up having one anyway, so why not figure out where you are? I love this movie and I love it so much that I'm posting it here on my blog for you all to watch.

Please note; this movie is powered by advertising so be sure to close the windows that open up. Enjoy the movie :)

I hate cliche movies

Tonight I was reminded why I don't watch gay films. I rather fancy the realism that a workout body, super flamboyant persona, and manly clothing isn't as common as they make it seem.

You never see many people like myself who are more on the alternative side of fashion. Wearing whatever feels comfortable; not worrying about trips to some stupid gym, and gawking at guys that look like GQ models vs. the ones that look NORMAL on the outside and not like they belong in porn.

It's fine for some people but I highly doubt that I see myself with a porn looking dumb dumb who thinks that stereotypes are the thing to achieve. Almost every gay movie I've seen has nothing but men that look like they are 'too good to be true' or 'porn savy' because they look like something that my world has yet to prove. There isn't abs on the entire planet and not every gay man looks like they could model for GQ and Falcon.

My point being is that if I'm going to date ever aga…

Daria always was my favorite; when MTV didn't suck so much

Mazzy Star anyone?

Every now and again, I post a mobile blog. Just to show that I went mobile for a minute or two. It doesn't have a title, just inviting words that echo of touchscreens and apps from an app store. No, I'm of course not on a phone. It's called Google Voice. Go snatch you one ;)

Sometimes you forget what your fighting for

I dream sometimes of going back to love that I once had or spending my younger years by my friends whom would later be in higher places than I.

It was always a passion of mine to be someone else, if only for a day. To mean something other than a name and few written words, or a night with a passionate mister who had better things to do an hour later while I quietly left and went to sleep alone.

Sometimes you can't keep things. You can't lock those wants in a box and hope that they will all still be there the moment you want to entice yourself with one; it's not fair to the surprises that still float about in the air.

Unlike my counterparts, I'm not one to date. I never really have been. So how does one balance the thought of ever finding this thing that people rejoice about? How does one compete with blonde hair, blue eyes, and a beautiful smile that could strike lightening at opponents? How do these lips convey speech that was never produced by an automatic need to ha…

Proof that kitties are smart

and cute too ;)

True love comes in the shape of a candle

Recently I received a package from one of my most loving of friends. In this package was something that I was shocked by because never in my life have I ever found love in a material way nor had I known that it was even in existence beyond my conversations and my sweet memories.

I would open the box to find a beautifully written card which made me tear up, quite a few amazing trinkets and delights and my most prized moment; a beautiful candle for my mother.

Knowing where I stand, I know even though this is a friendship; I feel your love and it smells like a dream to me, one I don't ever want to let go of. I could cry deeply right now in joy from this beautiful gift but I am going to try not to, I don't want us to be like two school girls who just got suspended for checking out the boys in the locker room.

No, what I want, so badly is to telepathically teleport myself to you and give you a million kisses and hugs until you just can't stand it anymore!

This is the most beaut…

Why abstinence is the best thing that ever happened to me

Duke and John the Baptist

Tonight was by far the weirdest paranormal experience I had ever experienced in my life. My dad also felt something at the same time.

I was asleep and was dreaming of a cathedral and someone was being baptized; I saw a book and it was a book I had seen before and it said something about Duke and John the Baptist. I've been researching and all I have found was a cathedral in Norwich that kind of resembles what I thought I had seen. I felt a warm hand on my side and was unable to move barely for a minute. I immediately reacted and start citing "Stop in the name of Jesus Christ" and it went away.

I'm not sure if it's a sign or not but my dad felt a water drop on his neck earlier (no water leaking or anything anywhere) and then he went back to sleep and felt another water drop on his neck. He can't explain it either but stated that he had been praying for a sign from God that my family was okay (the ones who have passed).

I don't know what to take of this but…

Kitty lovers unite!

I started a new blog for kitty lovers. I found it was prominent mostly on G+ and I wanted to make a great blog for kitty lovers to visit and vote on their favorite kitties.

By the way Bastiaan, I post those two photos of Fleur from your Flickr; hope you don't mind. If you do, let me know and I'll remove them.

Anyway, this blog is a blog I worked hard on last night and I'm quite proud of it so far.

Check it out here.

Like a speed of venom

So I've always noticed I have the issue of either one of two things.

Dating someone who lives too far away or dating someone who isn't mature enough to comprehend what I put out. I'm a simple and yet complex person; this isn't something new.

It's hard to find people who relate as well. I usually relate on most things that people can relate on but I have rarely related on religious views or politics (though I'm not into politics; I see no point)

The way I look at it is I don't want to spend my adult life searching for what I had but rather waiting for what is yet to be had. I want to start a career and a life for myself that I was able to build on my own.

I'm an independent person for the most part and to allow someone in to help me isn't an easy thing. I don't even like accepting offers but I will given the fact that it's out of respect for the person and their generous approach.

A good reason why I don't sleep with people when I'm i…

Survival on less than $85

So I finally figured out where our money situation seems to be. It depresses me but there is nothing I can personally do to fix it and I've tried to explain that some of our luxuries should be shut off so we can maintain our food supply.
But no one listens to what I have to say on that and so I digress once again on a subject I never liked to deal with to begin with.
Apparently my dad only receives $85 or less (luckily) after taxes and paying all the bills that need to be paid. Food being so expensive and all makes it all the more harder for us to figure out what will last us for two weeks at a time because let's face it, milk at $4.19 a gallon and a hungry stomach isn't going to always work and a gallon will go quick between the two of us.
Some people may not like may way of doing things but I find it's better to just do them and worry later. I won't lie, I starve myself sometimes when we get in these situations but I do it to preserve what little we have so I can ha…

Like vs. Plus

The war has begun. While many are out there using Facebook; several of us have departed ways for a better social experience. Google+

Google+ has many advances that some sites just don't yet have. Hangouts being an example (though Mark Zuckerberg has been on Google+ stealing ideas from Hangouts so he can implement it into his Facebook platform)
Contrary from the fact that many say it was already in the making; I concur that he was waiting for the time when he could try and do an "Look at ours, it's better" type of promotion on his pathetic product.
As you can tell, I am not fond of Facebook, especially after learning that my data is being sold to third parties and the government AND that Microsoft has basically weaved it's way into building a super anti-trust form within the Facebook platform. Little do you 'like' people out there know; you're not only being watched but your being profited from as well.
Google+ doesn't sell your data and it doesn'…


To my readers, I've not forgotten about you. I just haven't blogged a lot.
Recently I was invited to Google+ and since I signed up for it; I am in love. Google+ has so many amazing features and a lot of them could be used in a multipurpose way. Google Hangouts are my favorite though in the stage it is in right now, there is a LOT of work ahead before it will be ready for primetime.
Though Google+ has apparently been opened up for Google accounts (as far as I've heard and witnessed)
So if you have a Google account; just login with it and you can have a profile on Google+ a social network for people with simple thoughts.
Circles is rather nifty too because it provides us with a way to organize our friends and unlike Facebook; it actually does it in a simple way. The animations can't be copied.
I am debating but soon I will be slowly fading out my Facebook account in return for a new social experience with Google+ and considering that I am a Google tester; it would make more…